New customer, painful speeds

new customer. slow speeds. purchased the 75MB plan.

Hi @vonharders,

I’m sorry to hear about this bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat service.

I’ll be testing the speeds from your modem and analyzing your account.

In the meantime could you keep running a few tests just like you did before? Make sure to use the Viasat Browser and to be logged in to your MyViasat account.

Also, do you experience bad speeds all day long or at specific moments of the day?

Thank you,

The test run about the same. I plugged directly into the modem to see if that would help and it did not. This is a chronic issue all day long. I’m a teleworker and this is not satisfactory. I get faster speeds from my Verizon 4g modem. Is there a better option. I’m having to use this since there is no fiber option.

Hi @vonharders,

Thank you for running those tests, we are still investigating your issue to find out the cause of it.

Could you please keep running the tests? I noticed that most of your tests were run in the evening, preferably also run some at other times of the day (e.g. morning and afternoon).

This will help us have a better understanding of your connectivity throughout the whole day.

Thank you,

attached are more snapshots. the upload speed is horrible. how can i get this fixed? i purchased this service because i telework, and now i’m having to use my mobile as a hotspot in order to work. this statement is

no way correct - “Viasat is a provider of high-speed satellite broadband services.” can someone provide a service call to my location? when the tech installed the satellite, he only connected and left. he did not perform and speed testing, etc.

more speed tests. how is this acceptable? does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @vonharders,

We were able to change something in your account’s configuration last Wednesday. We moved you to a network segment that is slightly less congested. Have you noticed any improvements?



Thanks. Upload is better but download remains the same. Very frustrating.

Hi @vonharders ,

Did you notice if your speeds are bad throughout the whole day or if it’s just during a specific period?


It is throughout the day with the first part of the day being the worse.

Hi @vonharders,

You mean that it feels slower in the mornings?

When you get a chance, it would be great if you could run 2 more complete speed diagnoses on, ideally standing next to your modem. That way we can get an idea of any improvements since that configuration change was applied.

We essentially moved you to a slightly less congested network segment, so during the peak busy period (evening hours) the speeds should be a little bit less affected by network congestion.

Thank you,


I just increased my service to 100 Mbps/300 GB and it still is horrible. I don’t get the value of using "Office Hours.’ My usage went up and it was charged against the account. Using my Verizon broadband is still faster and more reliable. My costs are out of the roof and I cannot sustain this much longer. How do you get phone support? Waiting for a response is a bit nuts. Time to move along to another provider…

Good luck, I am moving on to a different provider - Starlink - and they are charging me $360 to cancel. This company is terrible.

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Hi, @vonharders,

Sorry for the delay.

I just made some new adjustments to your network. Let me know if you see any improvements.

As for the Office Hours usage, if you give us permission we can take a look at your data and try to find the reason for unexpected usage.

To get phone support please call customer care at 855-463-9333

Thanks. Feel free to check the usage. It seems that one day it was extremely high.

For whatever reason, my payment of $407.99 was charged twice. Would you please refund my account? Or can you provide me a number to call so we can fix this asap.

Kim von Harders
(202) 374-1059

I haven’t noticed much of a difference. This has become quite depressing.

two screens shots. 1)viasat 2)/3rd party - YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS SLOW