Need a real internet provider

Worst internet company EVER!! We have had many companies over the years but Viasat is historically horrible! Everything about them from customer service lies to constant buffering, telling me we used up all of our data in a matter of a week!!! How is that possible?! I was told to unplug every device that connects to internet, that’s real inconvenient when you want to use them then realize they’re unplugged!! I only have 2 Roku TVs and a wireless printer & a laptop I rarely use! I’m over it.
Can’t even watch a movie without constant buffering. This company does not tell you the truth and hooks you in to a 2 year contract. I’m over it!!! I may just go back to watching dvds until a real internet company comes into my area!

Hi @patriciaaoliverio,

Thank you for posting on the forum with your issue - we will do everything that we can to try to improve your experience. In terms of your data, if you give us consent to look at your usage we can try to see if there are any applications or devices that might be using up your data unexpectedly. Does that sound okay?

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Go ahead and check it out

@patriciaaoliverio I’m trying to figure out what the root problem is. First, it looks like you have plenty of priority data left – 30 GB out of a total of 60 GB. Second, I ran a speedtest and saw a blazing 150 Mbps download speed from your modem. I’m not trying to say your experience isn’t terrible – because it sounds really bad. Should we focus on the “constant buffering” as the problem? If so, how about run two speedtests:

  1. has a good web-based speedtest that also separately runs a speedtest from your modem that is often a great place to start debugging speed issues.
  2. has a speedtest that measures the speed of video traffic on your network so often its results are lower than web-based speedtests and can help us root cause the problem.

If you don’t have time and just want to do a quick test, I would run and send us the results.

Sorry again for your bad experience – I’m hoping we can help!

Listen this month I was trying to conserve as much as I could by not watching any daytime tv. Only watching a few movies through the week etc. We shouldn’t have to monitor our usage and turn things off and opt not to watch a movie bc I know it may cause more buffering and then I can’t get online or watch anything. I’ve been very conservative but I’m over it that is reason I’m posting this. Look at my previous months usages.

Hi @patriciaaoliverio, we’ll take a closer look at your usage and report back here.

Hi @patriciaaoliverio,

I took a look at your April usage and see that there were multiple days in which you streamed multiple hours of tubi. It looks like this is consuming about 1 GB per hour. At that rate you could stream 60 hours of video before reaching the 60 GB monthly limit on your plan - this means an average of 2 hours per day.

We want to help you optimize your data consumption, so let’s see if we can help you reduce the amount that data that tubi is consuming per hour. Are you streaming tubi using a Roku stick or a Roku TV? I know you said TV, but just wanted to double check because our report only says “Roku”. Roku sticks have more settings to optimize video quality.



Roku televisions no Roku sticks

I would appreciate you to follow up with my I said I have been conserving all month this month unplugging everything not watching TV during the day except for the past three or four days now I’m at my 70% usage. This is crazy. I have never seen a company like this before if we sit down to watch a movie at night like we had in the previous months. It buffered so much that we just ended up turning it off it’s embarrassing.

@patriciaaoliverio I’m very sorry but its still unclear to me what the problem is. It seems like it is about how fast your data is being consumed but then you mentioned that it buffered. Are you saying that the buffering happens when you run out of priority data? Or, does the buffering even happen when you still have priority data? If so, then I understand that our focus needs to be on reducing the data usage. Again, I really apologize for not understanding you!



Hello, @patriciaaoliverio

Just to follow up on your issue, in order for you to have priority data while we try to help, we have given you a credit of 30 GBs. This will show up as a charge and then a credit on your account but rest assured that you will not be charged for it.

Meanwhile, I’d sincerely appreciate it if you answered Peter’s questions so we can continue to assist you.



The buffering happens once I run out of priority data. My problem is I don’t understand how I’m using up all the data so fast. There’s just no way. Like I stated this month I’ve conserved and unplugged things and not watched tv during the day much or during the night but I find all of this so ridiculous!!! Viasat should not be cutting out priority data and putting us on what is considered as slow as dial up if not worse!!!
I will not recommend your company EVER!!!

I’m going to write you a private message detailing the hours of the day that I am seeing consumption and then hopefully you can validate there. I’d like to try to reconcile what we are seeing in terms of consumption with what you think you are consuming. Sometimes there are consumers on the network due to malware etc that happen unbeknownst to an end user. I want to rule that out first.

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Hi @patriciaaoliverio,

Just wanted to follow-up and see how your experience has been recently. Are you still experiencing issues? We currently have an experiment running to test a new version of the old Video Data Extender feature - please check out this link if this sounds like something you might be interested in: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment! - #2


Is anyone else thinking about putting a lawsuit against this company I’m having this issue I have had for 2 years now they will not fix it I’m paying $160 a month and my data is gone in 2 days I live with an 18 year old who is never home I barely watch TV I try and watch a movie it takes me 5 hours to get through it because of the buffering they were supposed to come out here last week they had somebody call me and tell me there was nothing wrong with my dish they never came to the house this company is full of crap.

Viasat has been knowingly doing this to it’s customers since inception. They continue to take advantage of us because they know we don’t have access to any other internet options. When you live in a rural area, this is what happens. The false advertisements, the excessive data usage Viasat claims it’s customers consume is all a bunch of bologna. I have unplugged my modem for days at a time. I even let my service get suspended just to prove a point. Viasat continues to say that we’ve exceeded our 100 gig. There’s no way that’s true when it’s not active. And the service is way too expensive for what you get. I too just checked my usage, and it’s the same thing that happens. Viasat knows that it is ripping off its customers. I haven’t heard of any lawsuits yet, but I’m pretty sure that one is coming soon.

Thank you for responding hey like I’ve never sued before but do you think if we got enough people because obviously there’s hundreds that’s just what we see we don’t even know how many more there is if we were all to get together and get a lawsuit I think that would be pretty awesome. I just don’t know how to go about it I myself am taking steps of keeping records taking pictures screenshots of the TV buffering at what time and what date etc I’ll see if a lot of people respond but for now I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and if it gets worse I’m definitely going to small claims court but I’m going to talk to a lawyer

Hi @k19701968,

I see that you are new to our forum. We are sorry about the bad experienced - our team of engineers is happy to troubleshoot all technical issues. I went ahead and created this new forum topic (Excessive data usage) to keep better track of your case.



Note for moderators: we are working @de_cee’s case in this topic - Buffering and data usage

I know exactly what you’re going to say you’re going to point out that this item this laptop this phone this TV this is what’s using up your data I’ve already heard that one before I wasn’t even home for 2 days and all of those things were supposedly sucking up my data don’t waste your time we all know what’s going on with your company