My Viasat Access Forbidden

I am trying to access MyViasat, but when I go to I get the error that access is forbidden.


Hey, @Kilcun,

Thanks for letting us know. We’re going to take a look at this in our systems and give you an answer ASAP!

Meanwhile, could you try a quick workaround for us? If you have a second browser available, try logging in through that browser, or if you can’t, using incognito mode on your main browser.


@Gregorio ,
Thanks for the reply. Same results through Edge and Chrome (regular and incognito).

@Kilcun we have never see this before so we’re scratching our heads over here.

Question: have you ever successfully logged into Or, did you get this error on the first time that you tried?

Also, are you familiar with Chrome devtools? Are you willing to try a few things that might get pretty technical to debug this?

Hello @Kilcun,

Just for some further clarification, when you went to the My Viasat page did you see the login screen and type in your credentials and see that error screen or did you get the error message before even seeing the login screen?

Thank you,

Sorry it took a while to reply back. I was able to access the website Monday morning (I wasn’t constantly trying as this is only a minor inconvenience to me, so may have been resolved earlier).

This is a bit more background into the issue:

  • I failed to login after a few attempts using my email address (not sure how many, at least 2)
  • I clicked the “forgot my password” link
  • I opened my email and clicked the “verify” button in the email
  • I encountered the access forbidden page

I thought this was strange, so I tried to access through the app on my phone and other computers and browsers, and received the same results. This indicated a bug in the system so I reported.

I don’t have much time to help with troubleshooting, but I am okay doing some technical things if you still want to poke at the issue. I might have a bit of delay in response, as I have many other responsibilities that take priority over this for me.

Hi @Kilcun thanks for those details. We heard from the My Viasat team, they mentioned that this is an unknown issue but they will continue to look into it to find the root cause. This info will be useful for them.

If they discover a workaround or deploy a fix I will post it here. If you encounter the issue again/gather more details on it, please let us know.

Thanks again for reporting the issue.