My bandwidth has been lower for days

Around a week ago, my bandwidth took a nose dive and my WiFi has been slow ever since, I figured out it was because of the hot temperatures(the router was 110 degrees).
But even that only helped it a little bit, not bringing it to the original speed it was at.
So I decided to run a speed test.


Hi @loisruffin86 ,

I’ve conducted an extensive investigation and, from what I can see, your problems are not coming from your Wi-Fi but from a likely congestion in the network in your area.

During the peak period, we’d recommend connecting fewer devices to your network, not using VPN, and connecting your device via Ethernet cable if possible.

If you run out of priority data, your traffic is not prioritized and you might see slower rates too, especially during the peak busy periods. I can see that you’re out of priority data, so I’d recommend the data saver feature. You can find out more about it and sign up here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

I understand this is not ideal and I apologize for the bad situation with your network.


This peak period is constant though and even when I disconnect my devices there’s little to no improvement. Will this Data saver slow my WiFi more and just make priority data last longer?

No it won’t slower the speed on regular use, It will only work on Video content.

What @Mannyrue said is correct. The data saver lowers your video streaming quality in order to save more data, and you will be able to set the speeds yourself via your forum profile.


It’s been 24 hours and I haven’t got the data saver yet.

Hi @loisruffin86

Sorry for the delay. You’ve been added to the Data Saver feature now!

Your initial video speeds are 2.6 Mbps.

You’ll receive a message shortly with all the details of Data Saver. You are able to change your video speeds on your Forum profile page.

How do you explain when I reset my modem the internet speed up for 30 minutes of so?

Hi @loisruffin86 ,

We are not sure about rebooting the modem making a difference, but our team did a second take on your network and we made a change that could improve the situation on your connection, which can take an hour to be effective. Could you kindly test it out later and verify if your speeds are better?

Also do you have another device that can run an advanced Speed Check besides a Chromebook? That way we can take a better look into the modem reboot situation.