Modem not recognized

I have a gateway modem that is connected to my desktop by ethernet. When i run a speed check using the Viasat browser it says a Viasat modem could not be detected. It always before about a month ago did recognize it. I made sure I am signed into my account but makes no difference. I have tried rebooting the modem and it makes no difference. I am getting good speeds and very satisfied with Viasat. I just got my new neighbor to signup and he is happy with his service. My laptop is using wifi and I get the same message. The speed test does run Ok but I get no results for the modem.

Hi @gmcgee78 ,

We’re glad to know service has been great for you! I’ll relay your report to the speed check team so they can verify what is going wrong.


Hi @gmcgee78 ,

It seems like this is a problem that is happening specifically to gateway modems when using speed check. Our teams are already working together in order to solve this issue. Thank you for reporting it!


Hi again @gmcgee78

I see that you’re now able to run full Speedchecks again, with the modem tests working properly! :tada:

I’ll mark this topic as Solved. Let us know if you need help with anything else :slight_smile: