MITe not running on new Android versions

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@kijr, I am creating this new topic to better keep track of your post.

You were talking about the MITe app, right? What is the Android version of your device?



Android 13 on a Samsung phone

Ken Iversen

Hello, @kijr ,

I’d like to contact the app development team to ask about this, do you think you could send me a screenshot of the error you’re getting so I can include it for them?


Thanks for sending the screenshot @kijr, we will escalate the issue to the MITe team and hope to have an update soon.

Hi @kijr,

Are you trying to repoint your antenna using MITe? We are just trying to understand your use case, to see if we can give an alternative recommendation.



Hi, @kijr,

The MITe app was replaced by another one – Viasat Tech Tools (VTT) – which is why MITe did receive more updates and will only work on older versions of Android.

Unfortunately, the VTT app is not intended to be used by customers, but only by the company technicians.

There is a way of doing repoint without those apps, though. If you are interested in learning that, here is the tutorial: ViaSat-1/SurfBeam 2 Point and Peak Job Aid » Viasat eGuide

I checked the status of your equipment and it looks like your antenna is not mispointed. Is there any issue you want to report?



No issues other than just wanting to confirm antenna is properly aligned. We had lots of snow and heavy winds this winter and spring and want to make sure signal is strong.

Ok, got it, @kijr,

I can see in almost real-time the health of your antenna “return link” (which means the communication from your antenna to the satellite) and it is great now, so it looks like the weather did not misalign it.

Let me know if there is anything else we can help with.