Long wait time for repairs

Why is it there is such a long time for a repair time. Internet went done sunday. The time frame for repair next week. I use this service for work and school. Do they need to hire more people?

Hello @lzerby-houser,

We are sorry about your experience, please let our team see if we can do anything. We are taking a look at your case. We will reply in this thread when we have an update.

Thanks for your patience.


Thank you for your response. Anything will help. Work is asking when this will be done. Please let me know

Hi @lzerby-houser - we are working to expedite your tech visit.

In the meantime, we were wondering if we could take another attempt at troubleshooting?

We have a few questions:

  1. What light do you see on the modem when you try to reboot it?

  2. Can you log into your Viasat modem and send us a screenshot of the diagnostics? You can access it by typing into you web browser URL bar.

    • The modem credentials are:
      • Username: admin
      • Password: Use the Admin Password or Key from the sticker on the bottom of the modem

Once you are logged in, you should see a screen like this one, which you can take a screenshot of and send to us here

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I can’t log into the

I can’t log into to the I have sent it

Do you see the Wifi network advertised? And, can you connect to it?

Instead of you could also try https://viasatmodem.com/ once you are connected to the Wi-Fi

No i can’t connect into the Wi-Fi

Sorry to be a pain – you don’t see the Wifi listed amongst the Wifi networks from your phone or laptop after rebooting the Viasat modem, is that correct?

The only way to connect is to tether my phone

No can you call me 2174126990

I will direct message you and setup a call in the morning if that works for you.

Yes please im up at 5 if i cant a tech out in am i have to drive to the office

Hi @lzerby-houser the team that we escalated your issue to said they left you a voicemail. They are trying to coordinate an earlier technician visit, they are still working on it, but left a phone number for you to call them back with questions.

@Nacho @lzerby-houser any updates? Hoping we were able to expedite this.

Hi Peter,
Service is still down. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon

Hello @lzerby-houser ,

I checked in the system and it seems that despite the attempt to expedite the technician visit, it is still scheduled for Feb 6. I’m sorry that we weren’t able to make it happen faster.

I understand. I will have to take half day of for the 6th. Lets hope they can fix it.

This wait was too long to go without Internet. We’ll try to provide an explanation though we can’t promise that it will be satisfying.