Latency too high

Slight improvement at first after they used data saver. Seems the latency may still have the issue @ 670 or so. Despite requests from engineers my complaints go largely ignored. I only get an apology for not getting back soon enough then after that “crickets”.

Hi @John.wilson20

We have already answered on your previous topic, but you did not reply afterwards.
Please check here for the latest post: Chronic slower speed and buffered than CenturyLink DSL - #8 by Nathalia

Regarding the latency:

Satellite internet has extremely high latency, due to the distance between satellites and the surface of the Earth. It’s normal to see a ping of 500-700ms in speed tests when you have a satellite connection.

Please read more here regarding high ping in satellite connection:
Satellite internet latency: What's the big deal? - Viasat

For public knowledge, closing this topic as the issue was already being worked on over another thread that is still active: Chronic slower speed and buffered than CenturyLink DSL