Latency, Ping 639, Jitter 309

This was not a issue till $99 unlimited plan , is this normal?

Hi @Fgetzjr

High Ping and Jitter statistics are normal for satellite connections, which has a higher Latency.

With many satellites located in far-away orbit above Earth, your traffic will need a few extra moments to make it up to outer space.

Because of this, Ping statistics in the range of 600ms – 700ms are common, due to the distance from the satellite to the ground.

Are you experiencing slow download/upload speeds?

88.7 down, 8.2 up, time lag is the issue

Hi @Fgetzjr

Your download speed is in the range of Unleashed, and the upload speed also seems very good (higher than the normal 3Mbps for most plans).

For most customers, the high latency of satellite connections is not an issue, unless used by online gaming where fast response times are needed, or RTC (real-time communication) applications.

Are you having lag issues with a specific application, or in general?

As a sidenote @Fgetzjr

Although you can never completely eliminate latency, you can take these steps to reduce it:

  1. Plug your device directly into the router using an Ethernet cable, rather than using your Wi-Fi network.
  2. Close other programs or shut off devices using bandwidth.
  3. Disable any downloads or updates that may be using the internet in the background.
  4. Restart your router—unplug the power cable, wait a minute, then plug it back in.
  5. Ensure the drivers on your router and other network devices are up to date. This makes sure information gets processed and passed along as efficiently as possible, minimizing extra delay.
  6. Update the drivers on your computer or laptop to ensure that it’s connecting to the network efficiently.

Hi @Fgetzjr

Are you experiencing any drops in connection or other issues besides the high latency?

I noticed that your setup was affected by bad weather on the days of April 17th and April 21st.

On both these days, your signal quality fell a bit and your modem had some offline events. This could have been the cause of what you experienced as lag.