Just got service today, and the speeds are unusably slow

We just got the dish installed today, and while we can connect to the wifi, with good signal strengths, the actual download/upload speeds are very slow- around 8mbps both down and up. We are paying for the ‘Unleashed’ level, so I’m expecting better performance than this. My ATT cellphone hotspot provides much better performance, and I was expecting to be able to replace that with the Viasat service, given the numbers quoted on the website and by the technician on the phone when I ordered service. I installed the Viasat browser, and the speeds I am quoting are from the Viasat speed test, listed as ‘Speed from your modem’.

Is it possible that there is a problem with the cabling that was just installed, or something like that? If this is just the speeds that I should expect to get, then will need to reconsider my service provider. We both work from home, and the current performance we are seeing will not support our daily activities.


Hi @davissoncm,

I see that you ran a few complete speed diagnoses on speedcheck.viasat.com and noticed that your results often show a discrepancy between the speeds on the device and the speeds on the modem:

This could indicate a Wi-Fi issue. In order to validate this, could you possibly connect a laptop directly to your modem with an ethernet cable (and turn the Wi-Fi OFF on your laptop) and then run a couple of tests to see if the speeds on the device are better this way?



I did what you asked, and the speed at the computer was approximately the same as the speed at the modem. It was a little better than over WIFI, but still very slow. I guess I don’t understand why the speed at the modem, not to mention the speed at my device is so much slower than what was quoted to me, during the sales process. If it is due to some problem with the way the equipment is installed, then I’d like to get a technician to fix that. If it is simply that the speeds provided by the service are routinely this much slower than the advertised speeds, then I’d like someone to admit that, so I can take appropriate action. As it is, the speeds are too slow to support my work-from-home activity, which is the whole reason I subscribed to the service.



Hi @davissoncm,

Your plan speeds are up to the range of 25-50 Mbps, unfortunately the range is not guaranteed, but network congestion usually happens in the evening hours, so if you’re working around the standard 9am-5pm I think the speeds should be usable.

Are there 2 results in the red box the ones you ran with the ethernet cable and the Wi-Fi OFF? There is only 1 test with a result of speeds from the modem and it very closely matches the speeds on the device, so I believe a cabled connection (or a new external router is very likely to deliver the best possible speeds).

See that these other results (which I believe are over the Wi-Fi, since we see values under the “Wi-Fi signal” field) show a considerable difference in the speeds between the modem and the device?

If you are considering getting a new external router, our forum team generally recommends this one (TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router - Archer A6 ) and recently customers have also reported using this other one successfully (Netgear NightHawk R6700-AC1750).