Ip address issue

When I try to watch my starz app it shows I’m out of the country. Already contacted starz and they said it’s my ip address showing like I’m outside of the United States

Hi @Emery.clarissa,

Thanks for reporting your issue.

We have a few questions for you, if you could reply to each with as much detail as possible that would be great:

  1. What device are you trying to stream Starz on?
  2. Do you see the same error (saying that you are not in the US) across all your devices?
  3. Are you using or do you ever use any VPNs?



  1. My tvs and my phone if connected to the internet
  2. What’s a vpn?

Hi @Emery.clarissa,

I see, I will send you some details over a private message so that you can test the IP address that the internet is detecting on your devices. This has to be done over a private message since you will be sharing private information.

To answer your question - A VPN is a Virtual Private Network (something like an app) that some people and organizations to establish a digital connection between their computer and a remote server, creating a an encrypted connection that masks your IP address, making it look like you are elsewhere. So my guess is that you are not using one of these.



Why is my ip address different in my phone from what is on the screenshot?

Hi @Emery.clarissa

I’ve replied to you on your private message thread :slight_smile:

Also, I can look at your connected devices and applications to see if one of them might be causing this IP issue. For that, I would need your permission, so if you’d like me to go ahead, just let us know here, or on our private thread.



By the way, what browser do you use when you watch STARZ on your phone? Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc?

Yes that’s going but I’m not home right now

I’ve been using the starz app not a browser

Had the same issue happen to me in the past ,a few months ago when trying to use peacock ,it would say I was out of region (in Canada) I’m not and I didn’t get much info on why this happened it just kinda stopped ? Very strange and only happened when I was connected to viasat wifi and not my phone service. And I don’t use vpns either ,only have viasat router. I cancelled my peacock sub for a bit cause I couldn’t even use it for awhile

That’s exactly what I’m dealing with. If I want to watch starz app I have to use the hotspot from my phone

Same, and when I spoke to viasat customer service I pretty much got a diff response each time. One person told me it would just fix itself basically and I’d have to wait. I asked if it was because of satellites launched in Canada and I really didn’t get a clear answer. I’m still not sure why it happened and hope it doesn’t start again. All I can say for me at least is one day after about a month or two it stopped giving me the issue. It not only affected streaming sites but also say if I tried to use Mercari it would say I couldn’t purchase anything until I was back in the states (and I’m like I AM in the states ) when I would put it on LTE problem solved.