Internet unusable

I live in a rural area and recently just had my satellite dish installed a few hours ago, I did a speed test and it came back 5 mbps which is crazy to me as I was promised 25-100 mbps… I figured it can’t be my data plan as I have unlimited and it’s new… I called the support number and the lady on the phone guided me through trouble-shooting which included unplugging modem and plugging it back in as well as factory resetting the modem. Well now the internet is so slow I can’t even use it… which is crazy considering I paid $300 upfront and $75 for a pole to be installed… The installer said it was a good sight for the dish but I think the dish is miss pointed and is facing the house which is causing interference… Could someone run diagnostics and try to fix my speeds or atleast send a technician out to realign the dish and or provide me a WiFi Router as I only received a modem… If not I’d gladly accept my money back because I refuse to pay $375 for speeds of 0.37 mbps that is ridiculous other hotspot home internets have better speeds smh… please help as I’d rather not force a refund as I’ve heard great things about Viasat but so far they seem to be a day dream…
I really don’t wana have to switch to starlink hopefully someone can help!

Update with speed tests from Viasat browser using my iPhone as I don’t have a pc right now… This seems fishy as when I try to connect to any other speed tests with out Viasat browser they don’t completely load or show really slow speeds…

Here’s a screenshot of googles speed test

Note: even if the speed tests say 3 mbps or above any webpage I try to get on loads extremely slow and the internet feels like it’s dragging… I feel like the speed tests are a illusion. I’ve tried to connect to the 5G WiFi but it says incorrect password when the same password works for the 2.4G WiFi… what gives?

Hi @EliteGamer69 ,

A possible explanation to the difference of the speeds presented by Speed Check and the other tools is that your connection is currently unstable, resulting in this discrepancy.

When you get a chance can you please run a complete speed diagnosis using This will help us get a full reading on the speed situation and allow us to identify/rule out Wi-Fi issues.

Here are some instructions to run the test: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Please note that the full diagnosis on Speedcheck is not supported for iPhones, you should instead use an Android phone, Windows or Mac laptop.

Sorry about the inconvenience, we are working to enable this test in iPhones too.


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Is there a way for engineer or someone to remotely edit satellite or modem? Also does Viasat offer router with modem?

I did the speed test on an android can you see the results?

I do not work for Viasat, But I can help on the router question, Yes they can come out and hook up a “Aria” router that attaches to the modem, It would make a wider range of the service in the home by expanding the signal, With it, IOt also allows the use of 2.4 and 5 ghz signals…

Hi @EliteGamer69 ,

Upon reviewing your speed test result, it appears there might be a Wi-Fi issue, as the download speed on your device is only 33% of the speed observed on the modem.

When you ran this test, were you far away from the modem?

If possible, could you run another one in the morning, to see if it presents the same behavior?


Hi @Mannyrue ,

Thank you for your response. However, it’s worth noting that the Aria Router is part of the Enhanced WiFi product, which isn’t included in his current plan.

His modem should ideally provide coverage over a wide range and support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals. If we determine that he indeed has a Wi-Fi issue, we can then explore the potential router options suitable for his situation.

Best regards,

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Ran another speed test same thing

I think it definitely might be WiFi related as the speed test shows 40-100 Mbps but phones and other devices are 0.3 to 2 Mbps modem is like right next to my bed where I use my phone and other devices I don’t understand how the browser gets high speeds but my Devices do not…

I just want a solid consistent speed :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @EliteGamer69 ,

Your new Speed Check results show that it might not be a Wi-Fi issue.
I understand your frustration, I’m currently investigating what might be causing your bad experience and will notify you as soon as I have an update.


Also it will not let me connect to the 5G WiFi only the 2G it says incorrect WiFi password every time even tho the 2G password works?

Hi @EliteGamer69 ,

Regarding that issue, you can reset your password.

If you press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds the modem will reset to the factory defaults.

At that point you should be able to use the following to log back in to the modem:

Both of these come from the document called the “Welcome Guide” that can be found here . There you can see a more detailed instruction.

Please let me know if this works.


I suddenly cannot login into my router or my WiFi anymore could you change or reset my WiFi password on your end? @isabela

Was able to modify my WiFi passwords, But the speed issue is still in effect hope to have a solution or fix soon :blush:

Any new update? Every time I try the speed test it says 70-100 Mbps speeds with 10 Mbps upload but the internet still is slow and lags I don’t understand why my devices don’t get the speeds the modem says it’s getting starting to think the speed.viasat is a illusion to the real speeds? Why is my device getting 1 Mbps when the modem is getting 120 Mbps don’t make sense at all

Man that is crazy slow speeds for what I’m paying for service can’t stream can’t browse webpages can’t do anything it just goes so slow or doesn’t load right this is crazy

So I reset my network settings on my phone and speed tests are giving better results now such as this but webpages still load pretty slow even with speed tests showing this 1 step further I guess
Update: Speed tests are showing way better speeds now for the slow webpage loading issue :upside_down_face:

Hi @EliteGamer69 ,

I apologize for the delayed response, it’s been taking longer than expected to gather updates on your case.

I’ve noticed that your speeds seem to have improved from yesterday to today. Please keep me informed if they revert to slowing down so we can continue troubleshooting.

In the meantime, would you be able to conduct more complete Speed Check tests during the morning period? Typically, there’s less network congestion during this time, which will help us pinpoint any WiFi-related issues more accurately.


Yes, I plugged the Ethernet cable for modem into my smart tv for faster speeds and now it seems to be buffering a lot when I stream sling tv or any other services not sure why