Internet so slow I use cell service want to cancel but they say I must pay early termination even though they haven’t fulfilled their part of the contract

I never get download speeds above 4 mbps and should be getting up to 30. It only gets better when I get upset and call in and they do something that gives me good speeds for an hour. All I have hooked up is a iPad.

Hi @D_zingus

I’m sorry about the experience you’ve had. I found your account and ran a test from your modem, speeds look good at the moment (see below).

When you get a chance could you please run a full diagnosis using You will need to be on the Viasat Browser and logged in with your My Viasat credentials, here are some detailed instructions: How to run a speed test from my modem?

I followed your instructions and ran a test from your browser and same result 3.7 mbps I waited for the option to run diagnostic on my modem but it never appeared 9not surprised) then I lost all internet again. I still say there is a problem with the modem, but you people won’t listen or send someone to check. Just do the right thing and let me out of my contract.

Hi @D_zingus if you are on the Viasat Browser you will need to log in using your My Viasat credentials in order to run a speed test from your modem. Once you are able to do that, it would be great if you could share a screenshot of the results summary (see example below) which will let us compare the results “from the device” to those “from the modem” and additionally will provide a few more metrics.

I was logged in when I did the test but it would not let me do it from the modem. Do I need to be on a computer or will my IPad Pro work

It should work on your iPad, did you see any error message under the “Speed from your modem” section?

If it’s not working, sorry about that (I’ll report the issue to our Speed Check team), maybe you have a laptop that you could use instead of the iPad?

Thanks for your patience and help troubleshooting.

I will try the laptop later tonight

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Hi @D_zingus I was just wondering if you got a chance to try with the laptop?

It works better, but I never use the computer looks like I am stuck for 2 years before I can hook my electronics up. Sorry but I hate this company for not working with me on this or at least telling me up front we have problems with Apple products. Huge financial mistake on my part,

Hi @D_zingus , we want to help you use your Viasat internet on all your devices. Just wanted to see if you could run the complete diagnosis (example below) from your laptop? That will give us some insights to hopefully improve the situation in your other devices.



Yes I told you I didn’t d and it worked better

Hi @D_zingus ,

We’re a team that specializes in technical issues, and I want to assure you we will work with you to understand why your issues are happening and how to resolve them.

For now, it would help us immensely if you could share screenshots of your speed tests on, the one Nacho already sent you. More specifically, we’d like one from your iPad pro (even if there’s no modem speed) and one from your laptop (preferably a complete one that has your modem speeds as well).

Please note that for the complete test to be run, you need to be using the Viasat Browser and you also need to be logged on with your My Viasat credentials.

Once we have both of these screenshots, we will correlate the results of both in order to further narrow down what can be causing your bad experience.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!


Let me work on that. The browser has been downloading for 3 days now and nowhere near complete on my iPad I might need to take it to work and use wifi to finish it but that won’t be till Monday

Hi @D_zingus ,

If you can send the advanced test from your laptop, that will be enough and the test from the iPad can be a simple one.


Sorry for my mistrust but I will send both at the same time. I was with tech support and the wanted access to my device usage. That is very privet

Hi @D_zingus,

Usually, we ask for consent to look at data usage when our customers are having some sort of trouble with their data being used without their knowledge, just so that we can see if there are any abnormalities with that usage. I don’t think this is related to your case at all, so you don’t need to pay it any mind.

While you finish setting everything up so you can send the speed tests I will keep looking into the issue.