Intermittent connection, slow service for a week

For a week, my internet connection has been very slow, connection drops, etc. Speed test 1.8 mbs upload 3.0 mb/s download. (after waiting half hour for test to load.)

Hi @JimExede,

Sorry about this experience. I am taking a look at your account and hope to provide an update here soon.



I just called Viasat (finally got them) and they rebooted my modem on their end. Problem solved!

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Hi @JimExede,

Sorry for the slow reply. That’s good to know!

It looked like your antenna equipment or cabling were responsible for the issue. If any issues persist please let us know.

Hello. I was set up for a Viasat technician to come out today, but he called yesterday and said I need to upgrade my equipment. He said the satellite was about to go offline and I needed to have a tech install new equipment for the new satellite. Is this correct? If so, I want to set up an appointment at the earliest date to put in this upgrade. I am paying for the top tier service speed, but my reception has been lousy for several weeks, going offline and very slow when connected. Please respond.

Hi @JimExede,

Sorry about the slow reply.

That is correct, it looks like the technician needs to point your antenna at a different satellite which requires specific equipment that they don’t have at the moment. They are working to get the equipment to fulfill your order.

I will ask for an estimate of when they will get this equipment and will report back here.

Thanks for your patience,


Let me know when they get the equipment so an appointment can be made at the earliest time.

Hi @JimExede,

I just heard back. Your technician visit will be expedited - you can expect a call, text, or email from the technicians to find a time to reschedule. If you don’t hear from them until noon tomorrow please let us know and we can follow-up.

Thanks again for your patience,

Hi @JimExede ,

It looks like your technician visit was completed on September 18.

Your antenna signal values look better now, but we can still see some “network entries” every now and then on your modem history. These could constitute short offline events.

Would you say the experience has improved? Are there less offline events since the technician visit?