Install Key to repoint antenna

Hello, I’m requesting an install key so we can repoint our Viasat antenna using the MITe app… We had some siding work done and had to remove the antenna temporarily.

Thank you

Hi @lkmelton,

I just sent you the install key via private message.



I’m here in Oklahoma City, but I have a property in Lake City, CO which has Viasat service. I’m having some exterior construction done which required taking the dish down. The dish has now been put back up, but needs to be re-calibrated. Due to the remoteness of the area, Viasat has not being able to get someone out for a month to recalibrate my dish, I hired a local tech who does installs for StarLink - he’s charging me $95 per hour.

He’s been there three hours, but has been unsuccessful in getting the connection. He’s trying to connect to Viasat-2. He’s used the MITe app, Satellite Finder and the browser with an install key. He gets the slow tone, but when he sweeps to find the beam the tones never change.

Any ideas?

Hi @lkmelton ,

I replied on the direct message thread you already had going on, just to keep things centered. :email:

Anyway, for you to tell me what the azimuth and other settings should be at my service address?

The Azimuth is the direction of the antenna relative to the geographic north, like in the upper part of that screenshot:


According to the guide we shared on the private message thread :email:, the first step is to slowly turn the fine-adjust bolt until the pTRIA emits the continuous beep sound – the “Low/Slow tone” – which means that the antenna has found the far edge of its frequency set.

Which is why it seems the technician was not able to succeed in that initial part.

There are a few videos and also the beeps themselves recorded on the guide we previously sent; they explain it all hands-on a tad better. :slight_smile:

Hi @lkmelton ,

We’ve escalated the issue of your tech visit, and the order will be reassigned to a technician who can cover your region. We’ll have them reach out to you for scheduling.

Thanks, but it’s already been resolved. A month without service and a $500 bill to the guy I hired personally and locally. I recommended Viasat to one of my neighbors in the spring, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that again.

Hello again @lkmelton,

We’re sorry you had to do that. We started to expedite the tech visit a few days ago, but because there was no technician coverage in this area, it took a while for the process to take off. Thank you for letting us know the outcome.

The Field Operations team got in contact with the technician earlier this morning to ask for availability, but if everything on your side is working properly, may I close this request for the tech visit? Unless you believe there might be an issue with the repointed antenna.

I wish the Field Operations team would have contacted the technician when I opened the ticket, or shortly thereafter. A few days with no response from the local technician would have told any reasonable person to go to someone else. That would have been the quality customer service I had hoped for. Instead, I was told multiple times on multiple phone calls that my case had been “expedited” - probably 9 or 10 times. Now, I find out, according to your email, you “started to expedite the tech visit a few days ago.”

Six weeks after my original phone call, I concluded I wasn’t getting any help from Viasat, and took matters into my own hands. I got zero customer service from Viasat and it cost me $500.

Being in the customer service business myself, I couldn’t make this scenario up if I wanted to.

Close the request.

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Hi @lkmelton ,

The issue was that there was no local technician in your area to contact at all, unfortunately. What the team managed to do this week is contact somebody who is responsible for another area coverage to see if they could accept this request. The order was pending because the Field team was unable to find anyone who could go there. :confused:

If I may suggest, if you ever need to do this sort of reorder of the dish again, it would save you a lot of money and time if you asked for a tech visit for the whole thing, instead of just the repoint – a full service for taking the antenna out of place and putting it back up and functioning amounts to $120, which, understandably, is not $0, but is far from $500 as well.

That way, you’ll still have the service up and running while the Field team finds coverage for your area. You don’t need to remove the antenna by yourself, as you risk damaging the equipment or getting hurt, and then having to wait all this time without service.

I asked the Field team to close this request, if you need any additional assistance please let us know.

Thank you,