Insane data usage+slow network

Hi @Nicholas_LaMorte ,

Thank you very much for your cooperation and for sending screenshots of these moments, this helps us immensely in tracking the issue and identifying where the problem might be. I’ve relayed the situation to some of our specialists so that we can make an in-depth analysis and as soon as we have any updates we’ll let you know.


No problem! Once you said things looked normal on your end I assumed it had just been cooperating for a bit.

Just let me know if there’s any other way I can help.

Hey Leo, just wanted to give another update.

I had just tried to get into the forum on both PC and mobile and I couldn’t. I could not even get the speed test to open. I buy data, and immediately am able to access everything. Shot up to a 17.8 download speed.

I understand the difference between the standard and high speed data, but the standard can not be meant to be this slow correct? I sat here trying for a solid 10 minutes trying to just get to the homepage of the forum. I obviously can not just buy data Everytime this happens just to come on here and update/check the forum.

I appreciate you guys looking into this all for me!

The hughes bluff don’t work. Hughes is worse by far. Steedy speed. But they do have a 25mps cap. Viasat when i first got it, I was getting around 33mps , which is very good for high orbit satellite. But after couple months it dropped to around 18-23mps with couple middle of the night spikes back to 33mps. But they created a new plan package instead of silver or gold, and they talked me into switching. Saying it was the same plan, still get 100 gb unlimited and be cheaper. now my speeds are 12mps at best, on average around .25 mps . So bad I can not even watch youtube no more really. I have to use my cell phone internet to watch youtube

I think what is actually happening. Is Viasat sold more connection then they have. So they are doing party connections. Switching connections around as much as possible. Trying to plug 130 people into a connection made for 100 people only. They was really putting all their faith in the new satellite cause it was gonna be super powerful. But it totally messed up, now its just space junk. and it took viasat 5 years just to build it and send it in space. They don’t even have a backup plan other then moving a outdated slow satellite from over Asia back over America to help carry the load and connections. Really sounds like a class action lawsuit seeing viasat is defrauding its customers. The average speed you will get is .25mps worse then dail up. Unless you want to pay more. Sign up for Ookla , it is the speedtest company Viasat uses and saves your test. I been sending screenshots of my account and test to BBB and to my state attorney general. I believe
what viasat is doing is criminal as well.

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Thanks for the intel I just bought a Motorola, MB7621 Modem I’m going to see if once my network is actually secure my data problem is gone. All this time I didn’t know you could change out that terrible piece of crap Modem, Viasat gives you that even their Tech Support can’t fix. You would they would change it out because they can’t fix it. I am much faster with my new setup, just the data problem 30 GB of data used when I am at work. I was kind of thinking my son was using it and lying about it but he is staying at his girlfriend’s house. This is a real deal breaker for me but I think the new Modem is going to fix it, when I first got Viasat it wasn’t like this.

Would you please let me know how the new modem is working out for you. We
are having a real bad issue with unexplained data usage.
And when I first got Viasat it wasn’t like this either 3 years ago.

Hey Leo, another update. Had the Modum now show as an issue by itself, which is a new one. It usually only shows a modem issue when it detects one of the other 2 as an issue. Internet randomly became borderline unusable, so I checked it out and that’s what I got.

Is there anything else I can do on my end to help figure this out?

Edit: Starting at 10:03 I started losing Internet on and off. Weather is clear.

Hi @Nicholas_LaMorte ,

According to our most recent investigations, your antenna might be getting mispointed due to some external factor, so we’ve decided to try sending a technical visit once again. You should be contacted soon to schedule it, and I’ll try to enforce that it’s a priority one in order to get it done as soon as possible.


Let’s hope they actually come this time.

Hey Leo, I also wanted to point out that multiple times this week my download speed has dropped to .5 and my modem speed is showing 26.54. I have the 100mbps plan so neither of these numbers are ideal obviously. But the dish wouldn’t cause this discrepancy between modem speed and download speed right?

Hi @Nicholas_LaMorte ,

Usually discrepancy between device and modem speeds is caused by a bad Wi-Fi signal.

Regarding the visit, I’ve sent you a direct message in order to confirm a few things, please respond there.