I'm paying for the highest speed package and receiving AWFUL speeds... Please help

Hello… help please. I work from home and have been getting such slow speeds. I’ve run every speed test, and even had a technician come by my house and run his tests. He said I passed the two tests he ran without a problem.

I upgraded to the highest amount of high speed data (500 GB) and have since experienced NO and I mean ZERO high speed. It’s affecting my job and i’m a about ready to try to go to another internet company. My job is at stake here. I’ve used 224.3 GB of high speed data without ANY actual high speed. What am I paying for? This is costing me over $300.00 per month. HELP!!!

I used to get faster speeds before upgrading to Viasat’s highest plan. It also seems like my speeds slowed down when I downloaded the Viasat browser… I just don’t know. I’m getting green lights across the board and have NO idea what could be causing this. Can someone please help? THANK YOU. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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We will take a look.

Ah… thank you Peter… I SOOOOO appreciate it.

Hi @hljoseph, I sent a reply over email, if it’s ok with you we can continue to communicate through the email thread we already had open?

Sounds great Nacho… and you can call me Henry. Thank you.

Why take this thread off line? I suppose others could benefit from the conversation – or at least a complete response with the resolution.

Public note for moderator’s: @davidlee’s issue was solved in this other thread Cannot connect to work site via viasat