I want my data saver back

I started with viasat 7 months ago with the condition that I would be able to use a data saver… I have diamond package at 334.bucks a month…you take the data saver…with no warning…now my data is being gobbled up way too fast… y’all need to bring it back… I’m going to look into if this is a breach of contract…no effin warning…not cool…just a ploy to get more money…the BBB is going to hear about this…


Hi @bigscratch2112 ,

I understand you are very frustrated with this situation and we are taking note of what customers are saying about this change in order to bring it back to the relevant teams.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things that you can do in order to decrease your data consumption. Please refer to this article for those actions: How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?

Additionally, I will take a look into your account - is it ok if we run a report on your data usage to provide a better recommendation?

Please let me know if you have any other concerns or questions!


I have adjusted both my fire stick and mu Roku… I bought the most data I could…so I wouldn’t have these issues…I CAN’T EVEN WATCH MOVIES…STUCK ON YOUTUBE… I want a 500gb /299…or Data saver back… I mean…if people didn’t want the data saver…all they had to do was turn it off… I don’t understand why y’all took it from everyone and NO NOTICE… I don’t like feeling like I don’t have a choice…that I don’t matter


Yes… look into account and see what else I can do… I really shouldn’t have to do this…

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Hi @bigscratch2112 ,

I took a look into your account and we noticed that you didn’t run out of priority data in your previous billing cycle or in your current one, so your speeds and video steaming experience should not be negatively affected.

If you can please give us a little bit more information about the technical issues you are experiencing, that will allow us to troubleshoot more effectively. What did you mean when you said:

  • When you say “stuck,” do you mean that you experience buffering when trying to watch a video on YouTube?


Okay… didn’t run out of data because I had data saver for over 1/2 the cycle… STUCK ON YOUTUBE…if I watch movies… I’ll go through my data like crazy…so hence STUCK…:joy::joy: I’ve had viasat since September… I usually would go through 150gb with the data saver… that’s about 8 gb a day…now I’m running through (as long as I don’t watch movies)10 -20gb a day… depending…so with that math…I’m going to go through my Data before this current cycle…@335.monthly…thats kinda pricey… I would like to get the 500gb for 299 monthly… that would solve my issue…but if y’all take the data saver and don’t offer any other options…that’s kinda like screwing me over… I had to wait 9hrs to post

Hi @bigscratch2112,

So just to clarify, you are not experiencing any buffering issues when streaming videos, correct?

Tomorrow, someone from our team will compare your average daily usage with the Video Data Extender (in the past) and without it (currently). This should help us get an idea of the impact.

We will also check if the 500 GB plan you mentioned is available in your area.

Thanks for your patience,


No…not buffering… but my data usage will be different because I adjusted both TV’s to 750…it helps with data usage…but not digging quality of picture…and I’ve already been told that 500 not available in my area…

Hi @bigscratch2112 , thanks for giving us permission to look at your data usage statistics. I’ve been investigating those, and have a couple of questions to help us better understand the data we’re looking at, if you wouldn’t mind answering us.

  1. When did you stop watching nearly as much video? Was that the same day VDE was turned off (april 1st) or did you keep watching things as before for a while after that?

  2. Would you be willing to spend a few days watching things like you used to do before? We’d like to see how much data you use, without VDE, in a few days of what you’re used to doing. We’ll give you a 60 GB data credit at the end of these few days to cover the data consumption and as thanks for the assistance.

Thank you,

1… would turn Data saver on in hd1470 when watching movies…then turn it off to watch YouTube… because it used less… haven’t tried watching movies yet…
2. Had to adjust fire stick down to lowest rez…to save data…same with Roku…rez sucks with Roku…used like 58 gb in5 days watching Data closely…I’m out of town right now…be back Tues…we can try then… I really appreciate all y’all are trying to do to help me…thanx

Hi @bigscratch2112,

Thank you very much for your answers and cooperation!

Please let us know once you are back from your trip and we can provide you with the 60GB for the testing.


Thank you very much

I am back… let me know when y’all wanna start…

Hello @bigscratch2112,

I just have some clarifying questions about a few things you said earlier:

  1. You mean that you would turn ON the Viasat Video Data Extender just for movies, and kept if OFF for YouTube?
  1. Is this your setup now that the Viasat Video Data Extender is not available anymore?



Yes… we are supposed to do a test …was going to be given 60 gb…to run test…when I get those…we can start… everything is still adjusted down to lowest rez

I’m sitting at 234.6…right now…used almost 4 gb in 5hrs…on lowest rez…

Hi @bigscratch2112,

Yes, we can proceed with the test.

Would it work to run the test for the next 3 days? (April 26, April 27, and April 28) - During the test you should stream as often as you used to when the Video Data Extender was available.

Our goal is to compare the BEFORE (with Video Data Extender ON) with the AFTER (using manual video settings). The 2 factors we will compare at the end of the test are: 1. data consumption and 2. streaming experience.

In order to better measure the difference, it is important for us to clearly define the manual video settings that you will use in each device and streaming platform, and to keep those settings consistent throughout the test.

You have already mentioned these devices and video settings:

  • Fire stick - lowest video resolution
  • Roku TV - lowest video resolution
  • Could you please list your other devices, the streaming platforms you use in them, and the video quality settings you will use?

As we said before, we can grant a total of 60 GBs of extra data (free-of-charge) for the test. We can add the first 30 GBs tomorrow in the morning and the remaining 30 GBs by the end of the test.

Please let us know if you agree and if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Okay… going to adjust everything now…and using only 2 TV’s…my android for calling… sometimes

Whoops… starting tomorrow :rofl::rofl::rofl: going to set everything back… will reset tomorrow morning…sorry…thanx

Alright…set fire stick to auto 4k HD…@5:45am…set Roku to 1040hd@same time… beginning gb 231.8…will keep track on my end…
Thank you