I pay over $100 for slow speeds?

I continue to have slow speeds when I was promised I would have high-speed internet for 150 GB. It’s like im running on dial up. The other internet company I had previously before switching was just as bad. Over promise under deliver.

I can’t wait until Starlink is in my area. These satellite internet companies are a huge scam in my opinion. They overcharge for shitty service.

I had fiber internet at my previous location. Unlimited data for only $69.99/mo, but im forced to deal with these shitty companies in my new home.


Hi @Rarey512 ,

I haven’t found your Viasat account in our system so I’ve sent you a direct message asking for some information so we can start helping you.


Hi @Rarey512 ,

We greatly apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but we assure you we are still going to investigate your issue.

Could you kindly provide us with an advance speed check? This type of speed check will show both modem and device speeds, and you can find instructions on how to run it in this post: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Another piece of information that could help is when you started noticing slow speeds and what time of the day do you notice the bad speeds happening.

Once again, I deeply apologize for the long waiting time.


Hi @Rarey512 ,

thanks for providing the results. Could you kindly inform us of when you started noticing slow speeds? Do you notice if the performance of your service is poor throughout the whole day or if it only worsens during certain periods of time?


Throughout the whole day and had been this way since i had it installed

Hi @Rarey512 ,

Your speed checks do not show your modem speeds, could you please ensure that they do and send new ones? To run the advanced speed check and have modem speeds shown as well, you need to both be using the Viasat Browser and be connected to your My Viasat account on the speed check website.


Im canceling my services this month anyways.

I rather have no internet than this crap

Hi @Rarey512,

We are truly sorry for the bad experience with Viasat service.

We understand if you want to proceed with your plan cancellation,
but if you change your mind we are here to try to find a solution.

If you change your mind about canceling your plan, you can share with us an advanced speed check result to help us troubleshoot your issue, as Leonardo mentioned before.

Thank you,

I would never reconsider. After i was told i would be charged $95 just to have a technician come out.

Horrible customer service. Rude staff and unreliable speeds. Yeah ill warn all my neighbors to stay away.

Hi, @Rarey512,

If you want to cancel you need to call the customer care line: 855-463-9333

As Leo mentioned above, we can not fully evaluate the situation from just those two screenshots you sent.

Since we could not reproduce those bad speeds you mentioned, our next step would be to check for issues in your router. If that’s the case we can fix it.

Hi, @Rarey512,

Upon further checking, we found out that your antenna needs to be realigned.

I’ll provide more details in a DM.


We have an experimental feature called data saver that helps customers to decrease data usage from streaming apps.

You can check more details here: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

I know it hasn’t been the greatest experience so far, but as I mentioned in the above messages, we identified three major issues affecting you now (and we believe we can fix them):

  • Antenna mispoint;
  • Numerous devices connected to the network
  • Excessive usage

For the first two topics I just sent you more details over a DM. For the usage, if that’s mostly related to streaming, we can address that issue by enabling the data saver feature for you (there are no fees involved).