I have not been able to watch anything

Hi @James_Zapata, I created this new thread to keep better track of your case.

I don’t think so I just signed up for buy stat just got it put in it never worked I’ve never watched nothing using y’all’s equipment nothing would show up and then when I call the staff would be rude I don’t want nothing to do with y’all send me whatever you have to and tell me what I got to send you back and I’ll do that but now I can’t I can’t deal with a company that is that rude and telling me there’s nothing wrong when I’m sitting there looking at the TV and can’t even see it

Hi @James_Zapata,

Our forum team focuses on troubleshooting technical issues, so unfortunately we cannot process your disconnect request. If you wish to disconnect your service please contact our customer support line at 855-463-9333