I did cancel November 1, 2022

I had only two weeks and too much problem not working right. I had my friend call for me and calls many time it keep next, next, next, nest oh transfer, oh transfer.So I did return equipment back to you UPS. all of sudden last month and today I got bills near $400. I wish I can call I can’t because I am deaf. I use chat, chat keeping said hold next service 5 minutes for hours and hours. WHAT IS GOING ON? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOPS STOPS STOPS SEND BILLING TO ME. I GOT LETTER FROM YOU THREE MONTH MY SERVICE CANCEL!!! HELLO HELLO HELLO? PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU STOP SENDING BILLS TO ME. IF WANT TALK TO ME ONLY EMAIL OR TEXT TO ME. thank you


Hi @pfmcanany, we’re sorry about the experience you’ve had and are happy to help you over the forum. I will take a look at your account and the history related to the equipment return. I hope to have an update for you later today.

thank you. I did cancel November 1, 2022 and I did send UPS TO YOU.

Finally. Please! Thank you so much. Any question let me know.

Hi @pfmcanany

Just wanted to let you know that someone from the Account and Billing team will be reaching out over email if they haven’t already!

Thank you,

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Okay I will send all my email, certificate mail, return equipment UPS PROOF, and November Viasat said suspense. All of sudden December, January I got bills and I have not use at all. Check Data. Thank you

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my friend Kevin call for me and talk to them. if you want talk to Kevin let me know. I can give his phone number to you. thank you

(Attachment VIASAT2023.pdf is missing)

Hello @pfmcanany did someone reach out to your over email to figure this out with you?