How to set Samsung smart TV older model video quality

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Hi, @CKrussell,

The proper way of doing it may vary from device to device, so it’s hard to find a definite guide on that.

I found these instructions on this website: How to Change Streaming Quality on Amazon Prime Video [All Platforms].

How to Change Amazon Prime Video Quality on Samsung Smart TV

If you own a Samsung Smart TV and want to change streaming quality on Amazon Prime Video, then you can head over to the App’s Settings Menu, then click on the Streaming option, and change video quality.

Check if there is an Amazon Prime app’s setting menu where you can change that. Sometimes the “gear” icon appears on the video window itself, on the right side of the bottom bar.

However, since you are part of the data saver feature experiment, it’s probably not necessary to manually adjust the video quality.

Okay good to know that the data saver feature may be helping. I did click the gear (which is actually on left bottom side) and there was not an option to change the data quality low, medium, best. Nothing like that.

Hi, @CKrussell

I see. So apparently there is no option for changing the video quality on that device.

Probably the “data saver” will already do the job for you. You can follow the usage in the My Viasat app, and if you want we can also give you more detailed information on that (data usage by app and device, for instance).

Since the “data saver” is already achieving the result you wanted, I’ll mark this topic as solved.

Let us know if you need more assistance.