How to make Viasat Browser your default browser

To make it so that every link you click is opened on the Viasat Browser, you need to have it set as your default browser. Here are some steps that can be done so that you can do it quickly!

  1. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click on the settings option
  2. Search for “default” in the search bar and then click “Make default”

    For Mac users, this should already do the trick.

If you’re on Windows, you need to perform this additional step:

  1. When you clicked “Make default” in the previous step, a new Windows settings should have popped up. Click on the Web Browser part on that window and then click Viasat Browser. This will set the Viasat Browser as your default one.

After these steps, your Viasat Browser will be your default one, and the links you open will be opened there.

Okay I’ll do that been looking for ways to do that

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