How to get online ASAP?

We just moved to rural area (45 minutes away from large city) and really need internet access. After accessing internet for 3 days without any problem, Viasat’s modem fan became noisy and felt very warm (had plenty of air circulation), then modem stopped working, now has solid purple indicator light and no internet access. Called tech helpline and Viasat walked through rebooting and resetting, but no change. Said only next available solution is for technician to visit onsite, but soonest available appointment for an technician was 6 days. We are concerned about Viasat’s reliability—need internet access for online banking, making change of address, working from home, etc. Is it possible for Viasat to overnight a new modem and then a remote technician or engineer could provide configuration details remotely? We are pretty tech savvy and need internet access ASAP. Thanks!

Hi @RuralLiving ,

Unfortunately, this purple blinking light on your modem really does need a tech visit to be fixed, because it involves a whole new setup with an antenna repointing, modem replacement, etc.

I see on your account that your visit is scheduled for November 13, and already had a note asking for a sooner time if possible.

I’m escalating your issue to the team that directly manages these field operations so we can try and expedite this visit.

I’ll let you know as soon as they reply!

Thanks for trying to expedite!

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We’ve never been without internet access for so long! 6 days is way too long to be without internet access! The service call was not expedited. Please make sure the technician (previously scheduled last week to come tomorrow) brings the most current & reliable version of a Viasat modem, thanks!

Hi @RuralLiving ,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

We had hoped that the tech visit could be expedited over the weekend, but unfortunately, that wasn’t possible.

I see that your visit was completed yesterday at 3 PM – has everything been working all right since then?