How slow is standard data

This is the first month I have had TV and computers connected and have run out of “high speed” data. So I expected some downgrade in speed, but a speedtest on the TV shows download of 0.48 and not even able to view anything.

Is standard data supposed for be 20 times slower?
Unlimited unusable data is not helpful.

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Hi, @ZVanT99,

Sorry for the bad experience, I’ll check that. When I have some feedback I’ll let you know.

I called support and they are sending someone (again) on Tuesday. Looks like I may be out until then. I asked them to make sure and bring a new modem.

I was quite upset and surprised that standard data is so slow as to be unusable, making me pay more in an attempt to get usable internet.

So the unlimited standard data on my plan is just a marketing ploy as 0.48 download makes all my devices time out, even when computers are off and only the TV is trying to stream a show in SD mode.