How low can it go?

PS @jaydadawnbowden

I noticed that you’ve had the add-on “Enhanced Wi-Fi” since 09/2023.

Are you currently connected to the Viasat Modem:


… or the ARIA Router?


If you’re using the ARIA router, please check if they’re set up like this, and that any other wired devices are connected to the ARIA and not the Modem:

It will be tomorrow evening before I have a chance to do that but yes I will.

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As you can see mid day low use times when my device is sitting beside the modem speeds are AMAZING! Again as long as I can get reasonable speeds at peak times on standard data I am fine. It was when my speeds were below 6 that I was frustrated.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

It looks like you ran this last test on an AT&T network :sweat_smile:
Can you try again on the same room as the modem but accessing the Viasat Wi-Fi?

But yes, the problem is that whenever you’re on standard unlimited data, your speeds are not prioritized, so on peak periods this may cause even slower speeds.

You are currently on standard unlimited data again, so if your results come back as way too slow, we’ll be able to confirm that this is the main issue and look into other possible solutions.

Also, as something to think about:

You’re currently on the Plan Choice 75 Mbps / 150 GBs of high-speed data, but I see that most months your usage reaches 250+ or even 300 GBs.

I believe that if you switched to the Plan Choice 100 Mbps / 300 GBs of high-speed data, you could get a much better experience due to not reaching standard unlimited data frequently. The difference between plans is only $50.

I got a speedcheck done on my device while on the viasat network this time :laughing:

I can’t afford a bigger plan. Which is why I chose the plan I selected. It is what I can afford.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden !

Understood, makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

The speeds from the test on Feb 15 look great!! :tada:

For this result on Feb 16 however, they all dropped significantly:

This device test barely reaches 2% of your modem’s speeds (even though those are also slower than they should be). You can see that the signal strength is different, too.

Were you testing from the exact same distance and device as on Feb 15th?

Yes. The exact same place

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

We’ve made a change in your network configuration, which will go into effect about an hour from now.

I’m adding a Data Boost of 30GBs to your account so that we can properly test the new speeds without falling to standard unlimited data. If you receive any email regarding this, please ignore it, as this Data Boost is free of charge! :wink:

Ok. I will be home around 9pm tonight. I will run a test then.

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Nobody was using high use devices at the time of this test. I think 2 cell phones were on the network actively being used to play games.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

Thanks for the info!

Could you run another few tests at different periods of the day so we can fully test out this new configuration? (If possible, one during the morning and one during the afternoon, and one during late night).

You still have about 20 GBs of high-speed data left, so we should be seeing much higher speeds :thinking:

From our side, your modem speed is currently very high at this moment:

My mistake, your high-speed data remaining is around 11 GBs…

But if this Data Boost runs out during the testing, we can try again with a new one. :slight_smile:


I can try tonight and tomorrow. I will be home around 10pm this evening.

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For some reason this happened again. Yes on standard data speeds and at 8:55pm. But still these are difficult to understand when on the data saver program and no other heavy use in the house.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

Unfortunately, speeds on Standard Unlimited Data are de-prioritized, and can slow down immensely, especially during the peak evening period (like in your last test).

You’re still on our Data Saver program at the set streaming speed of 2.6 Mbps, but this is only useful if your main usage comes from Streaming applications.

I can run a report on your usage if you’d like, to check if your high-speed data loss is being caused by apps other than Streaming. The ideal scenario is to always keep you out of the Standard Unlimited Data, as we saw that your speeds on high-speed data are mostly good.