How low can it go?

My download sppeds are so low it is beyond impossible to do ANYTHING!

This is an ongoing problem. Everyday it seems to go like this. If this is standard data then maybe i need to reconsider what i am doing. It can’t be like this when i am trying to do things.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden,

Sorry about this experience.

I’ve noticed that you ran multiple tests on Speed Check and that they often show very slow download speeds on your device. However, we don’t see any results including speeds from your modem, so when you get a chance could you please run a complete speed diagnosis?

See that your screenshot says “Advanced diagnostics [starting in] 4 [seconds]…”? If you allow the test to continue running once that countdown is complete, it should run a speed test from your modem.

Getting a speed test that includes results from your modem, might help us identify any Wi-Fi issues.



Hi, @jaydadawnbowden,

I noticed that the weather score in your service area is not great now, so that could affect the speeds temporarily.

Also, since you used all of the priority data, the speeds can drop, especially in the evening.

At this moment the speeds on your modem are good:

Could you run a couple more tests (like the ones you made before) today and tomorrow? The speed test software was not running properly on your terminal, so we don’t have the full data from the previous tests - this issue is fixed now.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Here is the test from 1/26. I am fine with these numbers. It is standard data and I understand that I have used my priority data and that it will be slower. But my original complaint was that I was getting rates below 5Mbps and that is comparable to why I left my previous provider (all they could offer all the time).

Hi @jaydadawnbowden,

Sorry about the slow reply.

When you are on standard data your speeds will be most affected during the peak busy period (evening hours), so it would help to try to stay within the priority data for as long as possible. If you stream a lot of video then this experimental Data Saver feature might be a good option to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on standard data: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!



Hi again @jaydadawnbowden

I noticed that even with Data Saver turned on (at the lowest video quality rate), your account still used up all the high-speed data available in a few days.

Would you like us to take a closer look at your usage and check whether something’s amiss or a background application might be causing your high-speed data to run out faster?

PS – I’ve added 30 GBs of high-speed data to your account free of charge, so we can continue investigating your speeds and your usage.

Please ignore any email you receive thanking you for the ‘purchase’ as you’ll have a credit in your account for the same amount as this Data Boost. :slight_smile:

Lastly, now that you’re back with high-speed data, could you run another few tests on during the morning? We’re still investigating whether your setup has any Wi-Fi issues due to that speed fluctuation.

Attached is a screenshot taken of the test I ran while all the normal devices were logged into the wifi but not actively using it. I am the only person currently awake while running the test. The house has 4 adult women who keep different hours and activity levels on wifi. 2 of us are pretty heavy users the other 2 are minimal users.

Hi again @jaydadawnbowden

Those are some very good speeds! It would seem that the issue is the speeds with the standard unlimited data. It would be in our best interest to make sure that you always have high-speed data left before the month is over, to keep the speeds as high as possible.

However, I see that even though your modem is getting almost 3x your plan’s speed, your device isn’t receiving all of that. Were you very close to the modem when running this last test, or in another room?

PS: there was a bug yesterday afternoon with Data Saver and it may have temporarily turned off for you during those hours.

I’ve reset your streaming speeds back to 2.6 Mbps and added another 30 GBs of high-speed free of charge to your account, to make up for any data used up by streaming while Data Saver was off.

I’ve been testing your modem speeds on our side and they are still very good! The numbers are close to what you saw on your last test.

Hopefully with high-speed data, these numbers will no longer fluctuate as before. :slight_smile:

I was directly above it on the 2nd floor of the house. It was also not during peak usage times but rather during not high usage times.also no other usage in the house.

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Hi @jaydadawnbowden

Now that you have some high-speed data again, can you run a speed check at the exact same time you ran the first two bad tests on this post?

(That will have been 5:40 PM EST and 6:10 PM EST, going by the screenshots.)

This way, we can double-check if the low speeds came from just being on standard unlimited data.

Thank you!

Probably not until Friday and I have no way of being sure the data won’t be used by my roommates. I am at work tomorrow and will not be home until 9:30pm.

I ran the test tonight. It is on standard data but I am guessing the trouble must have been a high traffic issue . Because this standard data is fine and I am comfortable with these rates. Even the device rates are tolerable…realistically instant data exchange like futuristic movies show isn’t possible with technology today and a pipe dream given today’s technology, I am aware of that. I also recognize that I live in a very rural area and will not have rates competitive with big city data exchange rates. As long as I can have standard data rates that stay near or better than the 30 Mbps levels then I am happy.

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Hi @jaydadawnbowden

Thank you for the tests!

Yes, it’s possible that your network segment had been experiencing high traffic during those first few tests.

Your modem speed is still relatively good now on standard data, which is great!
But that device speed is still a bit concerning. :thinking:

Your modem achieved 41 Mbps on the last result while your device used to run the test got less than half of that (16 Mbps). Were you very far away from the modem at this time?

No I was directly above it on the second floor of the house.

Hi @jaydadawnbowden

The distance between floors (and the floor itself) counts as an obstacle when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, so that explains the difference in modem vs device speeds.

Whenever you have time, could you please run another test, but this time while standing in the same room as the modem?