How long should it take for high speed to retun

how long should it take for high speed to retun after purchasing $99.99 data boost?

Hello @jerrydjr1

Sorry for the slow reply.

I see that this Data Boost is already available on your account:

If I may, considering your high-speed data allowance is 300GBs and it was used up before the end of this billing cycle, I think you would benefit from our free Data Saver Feature. It reduces usage from streaming apps, so you won’t need to acquire extra data in the future.

It’s completely free, and if you’d like to read more about it (and sign up for the feature), here is the full article:

I never got my 100Mbs last night. It was around5-10. this morning I barely get 50. Here is the diag test from this Morning. I will run another tonight when ir drops to10 .

I payed an additional 100 dollers last night. the 80 Gs showed up in my usage but the 100 Gbs did nit return.

Hi @jerrydjr1

Can you try running the again?

Even though you’re logged in and using the Viasat Browser on a non-Apple device, we can’t see any of your Modem results, only the Device Speed test.

Yes, I see that you bought the 80 GB data boost for $99.99 yesterday. I’m looking into your account to see if we can identify any issues on your network segment.

On opening the test page the information below is on the right.

Note it sees the viastat network, but not the moben.

here is a fresh run and the Mbs is lower.

Hi @jerrydjr1

Are you currently using a VPN or an extra Router / Wi-Fi Mesh / Repeater?

I do have another router in the network but my wifi connection is to the viasat modem and i am not using a vpn

Here is a fresh one. Speed continues to decline. I don’t know why but it saw the modem this time. That score isn’t as advertised, either,

Hi @jerrydjr1

Thank you for the results.

I’ve made a change to your network configuration, and it’ll go into full effect an hour from now.

Can you run a few more tests later so we can check if the speeds are higher?

The speed was 5.0 a few minutes ago. Here is what it is now. Also, it doesn’t see the modem any more.

As you can see, last nights speed was a long way from 100 Gbs. That is what I paid for. I understand speeds might drom some when congested. 5.0 is unacceptable.
Ths is this morning at 10:00 am.

If it drops like it did last night, Someone will need to do something to fix it.

Hi @jerrydjr1 ,

After verifying your network history, I can see that your network had some speed fluctuation during the Jan 6th-7th period due to bad weather. The signal seems to have normalized, and according to our tests your network had full performance since this morning.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if this is not reflected in your usage.


The weather excuses no longer apply. See below the current doppler radar indicating clear skies. Also a current speed test clocking in at 24.98Mbps. Less than 1/3 of what I am paying for. I can’t stream at night without buffering or the stream just stops. So, what are you going to do about it?

Hi @jerrydjr1 ,

I understand how frustrating that can be, and we’ll keep investigating to see what else could be causing this issue, as the weather interference was only during Jan 6th and 7th.

Is your network behaving that same way during the mornings and afternoons as well or is it only during the evening/night? If you have an ethernet cable, could you kindly perform a test using the Wi-Fi connection and then a new one using the ethernet cable connection?


I tried a cable earlier this year. The report shows the same drop on the modem test as in the download, so using a cable didn’t change anything then and would not here. This happened earlier last year and nothing here was I did in the effort worked. We Are having some weather today but nothing that has ever affected satellite and, as you saw on the weather map skies were clear at the time of the last test. I went through this last year, for over a week. Try this, try that, you changed some setting somewhere. Eventually they admitted it was something on your side affecting a large area in North Carolina. Eventually my speeds returned. 100+ during the day and 60 – 75 in the evening which has always been enough for streaming. This must be on your side, and I should be able to get decent speeds no matter the time of day. I worked for Dell for 19 years. I know a little something about networking and, I know overloading bandwidth slows the speed for everyone. I wonder if you haven’t oversold what your system is trying to service. I also know you had some problems with satalites.

If you are not able to provide the speed you advertised and I paid for, maybe you should discount the prices until you get it resolved.

Hi @jerrydjr1 ,

We’ve conducted an in-depth analysis and your internet setup doesn’t have any inherent issues.

The bad speeds seen in the evening might be caused by network congestion during the peak busy period (evening hours).

I can see both good and bad speed results in your tests, which can be explained by the time of the day they were run.

If you run out of priority data, your traffic is not prioritized and you might see even slower rates too, especially during the peak busy periods, so if you need to conserve your data you can try our Data Saver Feature Experiment.

We apologize for the frustration this can cause and our engineers are already looking into potential solutions for this issue.


The first several months I got speeds exceeding 100 during the day and, at worst 30-35. I almost never got anything below 25. Now I go to below 10 almost every night and I cant stream at that. As I said you apparently have oversold your capacity to maintain the speed you advertised.