Horrible wifi and overcharging

I just recently got Viasat last month and it is horrible WiFi and the worst decision I ever made. I was told over the phone from a sales representative that I would be able to use this WiFi to play my video games, watch tv and etc. within the first 3 days of having Viasat my high speed data ran out, the other 50mbps we slow, lagging, doesn’t stay connected. The modem shuts down by its self multiple times at night. Plus I don’t like having to wait for the high speed data to reset its self especially when I pay my bill it’s not fair nor right to a paying customer. I’m almost getting charge $100 for trashy WiFi that can’t even stay connected. It got to the point that I don’t even use it anymore I would just rather use my hotspot on the phone to watch movies and play games

Hi @Xavier9021069 ,

Let me summarize your issues as I understood them, and you can confirm if I’m correct or if I missed something:

  1. Not being able to play video games, lagging
  2. Using up your data too fast
  3. Wi-Fi issues
  4. Modem shutting down during the night

For point number 1, this is unfortunately a limitation of the satellite internet itself. As information has to travel long distances in order to be transmitted, this creates a delay of about 600ms between when a command is sent and when it is received by servers, so if your intent is playing online multiplayer games, it might be very difficult to do so.
As for offline games, you should be able to play them so long as you download them, but please note that downloading games might consume a lot of data and once your data runs out you’re more susceptible to slowness due to congestion in the network.

As for point 2, if you give us your consent we can look into your detailed usage to verify if there’s anything wrong there.

Regarding point three about your Wi-Fi issues, could you run an advanced speed check? The advanced speed check shows both your device and modem speeds at the same time so it’s a powerful tool for verifying Wi-Fi issues.

Lastly, I can see your modem shutting down many times during January 16th, but I don’t see it shutting down many times in any other date. Did you notice this problem during more than one day?


That makes no sense. I have never heard of an internet service have limitations especially when I’m paying for high speed data and plus being over charged for it. And yes the modem has shut down other time when we are watching movies or tv. This is just horrible service and horrible WiFi. I’m not going to keep paying for horrible service

I can tell you some games work actually pretty well, But not all, I can personally play fallout 76 and Gears 5 with out too many issues, And that is with an average ping of 646-700, But yes the rep should of never stated that it would work truly for gaming, It is better suited for games like Age of empires, Certain MMOS and the such since it does not need the same reaction time as a first person shooter like call of duty would need!

Hi @Xavier9021069,

If you’d like to learn more about satellite internet, which is what Viasat offers, please refer to this article: Satellite internet latency: What's the big deal? - Viasat

It explains about latency and how it might affect some applications, and @Mannyrue 's comment is correct, although we can’t guarantee that one game or another will absolutely work well, since this is a case-by-case basis.

As for your high speed data, I can see that your data was mostly spent in your first day of usage, which is a very high usage, and once it is all spent, your network will be more affected by congestion in the network. If you give us your consent, we can take a look into the detailed usage and verify if there are any issues with your data consumption.

We’re more than happy to help figure out what might be wrong with your network, but we need your cooperation for that.


Yes you can look into it because it makes no sense to me. How my data can be used up in one day, doesn’t matter if I’m watching tv or not. I don’t appreciate being lied too by the sale representative.

Hi @Xavier9021069 ,

I’ll send you the details of your usage over private message.


Hi @Xavier9021069

A data usage report was sent to you over a private message, please let us know if you haven’t received it properly. :slight_smile: