High speed data usage

I use all my high speed data up in a week. The crazy thing is that I don’t used my wifi for my phone. We just use it for 2 tablets and occasionally stream on one TV. I don’t have anything else that uses wifi. I am thankful for Directv or I wouldn’t be able to watch TV at all.

Hi @harris.tami.1962, we are sorry about that experience.

Is it ok if we take a look at your data usage to identify what has been using your data and provide a recommendation based on that?



Hello, @harris.tami.1962

In order for you to have priority data while we try to help, we have given you a credit of 20 GBs. This will show up as a charge and then a credit on your account but rest assured that you will not be charged for it. Meanwhile, if you could please reply to Nacho, that would greatly help us in assisting you.