High Data Users. New 500gb plan

First of February Viasat came out with a new $299 / 500 gb plan. After I spent $280 additional this month for 210gb. (new plan offers 200 gb more than Choice 300 for only $100) No emails. No Notifications.
Just found by sheer luck.

Keep up the 5 star effort Viasat when ensuring your Customers obtain the highest value plan for your usage.


That’s very frustrating.

@Nacho can you look into this and see what sort of options there are for us to make this right?

Hi @Peter, I’m gathering more info on this case and reaching out to some people. Until then, @RealJohnGault I will go ahead and add 30 GB free of charge to your account. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks All.
I just recieved a call from Ashley in Corporate.
She assured me the situation would be resolved by Wednesday this week.

I was looking for a method to respond directly on the Forum but could not determine how.

Thanks again to all for your help

$300 per month for internet? Really? That’s called highway robbery.


Yes. But thats before paying $40 for additional 30 gb of data. Our usage is averaging 550 gb per month. Imagine my shock coming from service by Spectrum where we paid $99 for 500gb download speed and unlimited data. We are now in boondocks LA. ATT has marked ground with orange paint/flags for fiber but that was 6 mos ago. Ive even tried TMobil 5g and adding bi-directional antenna to their Gateway mounted 50 ft. No towers near enough for signal.
Starlink cant come soon enough

Thank you so very much. It was a true delight to recieve this after all the frustrations Ive encountered. Rest assured I’ll be moving to the new $299/500 plan Feb 12th. But then I realized my plan - 300gb - dropped to $199 while I’m still paying $299. Chat Agent stated “Viasat Customers have the tools and should monitor plan choices on a regular basis”…unbelievable. Im fairly certain that the FCC would consider a plan rate change be equally applied to all customers - not just those who “discover” the change and make a request.


As far as I’m aware, we are not trying to hide plan improvements (including more data and lower price) from our customers. But I will share your post with marketing folks and see what they say and share it back here. Thanks for reporting it.

I wasnt inferring Viasat was “hiding” new plans from Customers. I was surprised Customer SERvice position was …you have My Viasat, its up to you to check for better value plans that better meet your needs.
How about an email blast to all customers announcing new plans.
Do Customers on the 300 GB plan all pay the same price? Or do customers fortunate enough to have stumbled upon the new price pay less because they asked?
Theres a little known law - Robinson Pattman act that states that unless customers have distinctly different characteristics - in the case of this law the key difference was Sales or purchase volume - all customers must recieve fair and equal pricing.

I have nothing to complain about re: my Viasat service save for price. But they serve a specific class of customer to which I belong. Rural address with no fiber or 5G service. I do however wish high data consumption had a lower cost per gb…


Hi @RealJohnGault, we appreciate your feedback, and like Peter said, we’ll definitely bring this one to our marketing team’s attention, hopefully they can device some strategies to improve the process to match customers with the plan that best suits their needs.

Wait…how’d you find this…I’m paying more for 300

Hey… just tried to get this 500gb plan…not available in my area… y’all took the Data saver from us… someone needs to get back with me on this please and thank you

I literally stumbled upon it towards the end of February and was on it for billing cycle starting March 12. Previously I was on 300 GB plan and my last bill on it was $600+ .

Using My Viasat App or website. Click on Plan. Change Plan. The plans available in your area should populate.

The timing of the removal of Data Saver seems questionable to me. One month after 500 GB plan comes out and I finally feel like I’ve got this under control and a plan I can afford - boom. Data Saver gone. Also questionable - I have to discover this on my own. No notice from Viasat. No warning.

Viasat has been very responsive and helpful. - so I really can’t complain. But I have had to spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with this entire mess.

What I don’t understand - this simplest fix for Customers that did have an issue with Data Saver - was simply turn it off. Now - US - the Customers affected by an increase in data consumption must jump through hoops - reset the video quality on all devices we use. And many Apps reset back to highest resolution and thus increased usage after an update is downloaded.

I tell friends what we have to pay for internet service “out in the sticks” Everyone says it’s criminal. But right now we have no alternative.
We have a disabled adult son and it is his only sense of joy and entertainment.

I thoroughly understand… I tried this morning to get on said plan…not available in my area… I check starlink coverage map daily…so very close… I haven’t had any luck with customer service… I’m beyond frustrated…I’m wondering if FCC or BBB can help… thanks for getting back with me…out here in the stix…it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this

We are in rural La. I have Starlink application made Nov 1 2022. We are in Coming soon 2023 area. But neighbor across street has Starlink. I’ve tried contacting Starlink. Impossible.

I just tried T-Mobile 4G 5G plan this week. No start up fee. No caps. $50 per month. Couldn’t get signal. ATT has flagged front of my property for fiber optic cable 8 mos ago.


I put in my starlink in May 22… I’m now in Georgia… looked at map a couple of days ago and it looks like just a couple more satellites and we’ll be there

I could have gone with the RV plan now as I understand there’s little difference in equipment. Although I understand RV plan gets “de-prioritized” when network is busy. I can’t understand how my neighbor has Starlink now. And by neighbor - that’s still 2 miles away. Hah!

Let’s keep in touch. I’d like to know how you fair with Starlink.

And with Viasat - Admins asked me to author a Poll to address the Data Saver question. In all my spare time.


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You know…cause we have sooooo much time on our hands… will keep in touch…:pray::pray: for starlink

Hah…btw. I think our emails all show on Forum. Yikes

@RealJohnGault thanks for pointing that out - it is not intentional and we will fix it.