High Data Usage

Got it, I think our data usage analytics are categorizing the traffic over your TLC Roku TV as if it was 3 separate devices.

If you are using Hulu in your Roku TV, adjusting the settings within the Roku platform might help. Below you can find some instructions that appear in this forum article: How do I manually set video quality at streaming video sites?

I don’t know how many times I have to tell you I am not using a streaming stick I am using a Roku TV. I cannot even tell you how many times I have been to settings. There are no settings for the roku tv to reduce data. I also checked the site you sent me. Including 6 pages of posts about roku eating data were eventually a Roku moderator came on with something to shut your STREAMING STICK off after 4 hours of inactivity, but that isn’t the issue. Viasat is the issue. I have used over 2 gigs today without turning the TV on. That never happened before April 1. Something very bad happened April 1 at Viasat NOT here,

You are absolutely right, that does not apply to Roku TVs, I apologize. I will reach out to my colleagues and see if they can think of a workaroud to save data on Huly using a Roku TV.

Regarding the unexpected data usage you describe above: Have you tried using Viasat Shield? One of its features is to track usage by device. It shows any devices that have been connected to the network over the past 7 days, as well as their usage as a percentage relative to the total usage during that time. You can download the version for iPhone here: ‎Viasat Shield on the App Store

That could help us pinpoint the devices where we see the issues, so that we can come up with strategies to optimize your data usage.

Thanks for your patience.

Please the issue is not here. It is what did Viasat do on April 1? Also on April 1 Viasat removed the ability to see the usage by device on the Viasat app. All devices are using much more data than before. I have to be careful to turn on computer to make plans for my first vacation in over three years. This is disgusting. This was all planned out by Viasat. Including this game of acting like something is wrong at the user’s end. You know that.

Hi David,

We’re really sorry for your bad experience. A couple things:

  • We are not aware of “Also on April 1 Viasat removed the ability to see the usage by device on the Viasat app.” but are asking the app team about it and will let you know what we find.

  • I do see multiple hours with ~2.4 GB of usage on Sunday that would correspond to the Hulu Live Formula 1 you mentioned. Note: Hulu Live Streams require more data than recorded programs.

We are still trying to figure out the best suggestion for you to manage your Hulu video quality and are very sorry we haven’t come up with anything that works for you yet.



I just checked data usage today is heading towards 2 gig with no streaming. Just minimal computer internet surfing. This is averaging over 2 gig a day. This was not the case before the April surprise. That is over 60 gig a month on a 100 gig plan and unconscionable just for basic internet use. My wife is not home today and I have been outside working most of the day, not on the computer.

While we work towards some solution for video quality control of Hulu, we also need to continue to figure out what is consuming your data when you are not even streaming any video. We have some issues on our end with our usage analysis tooling that we are sorting out so we do hope to make some progress on this today.

Hi, @David_Gruskin,

I just noticed we ended up not giving you the usage report when you mentioned the unknown 2GB/day usage, sorry for that. I think that happened because you started with the data saver and perhaps we thought your usage issues would be solved.

I’m going to get your usage report for the last and the current billing cycle and send you a direct message.

With the data at hand, we can better check what is happening.