Help me understand

I have purchased backup internet for my home because your platform is very unreliable. I don’t have any streaming TV attached to your modem yet I got a message yesterday that said I have used 70 percent of my usage for the month. Bill cycle started on the 12th.

Again, help me understand how this can possible.

Hi @Alfredo_Ollivierre ,

If you consent to us taking a look into your detailed usage, we can provide you with a report on what is using your data most and verify if there are any abnormalities.


You have my approval

I am looking for an update on this request. Where do we stand???

Hi @Alfredo_Ollivierre ,

While my colleague is running the report on your data usage, I noticed that you changed your previous plan of Choice 30Mbps 500GB to this new one, Choice 25Mbps 60GB.

While there’s little difference between those speeds, you now have a total of only 12% of the data allowance you previously had since July 16 – a pretty big drop.

Is it possible that you didn’t remember this difference in data allowance and have been browsing as usual?

Hi, @Alfredo_Ollivierre,

I just sent you a direct message with all the usage details for the current billing cycle.

Please let us know if you need any clarification on that.