Garbage internet speeds

I am paying for faster speeds and higher data limit and can barely stream a freaking movie in SD let alone trying to do higher quality. This is the worst internet provider i have ever used and plan to move to a different provider as soon as i am able to find one. These slow speeds are not what i signed up for when i got locked into a 2 year contract with these scam artists. You can try and give me help all you want but it isnt going to make a difference. Yall just get people to sign up with promised speeds and wait for them to cancel to get that quick cash. Yall are con artists and should be ashamed of this crap service. My dial up from when i was 12 was better than this service. I was told i could play online games and stream movies and i can’t even load into a game with these slow speeds.

Hello @omegaleader2002, we are very sorry about the experience you’ve had. Our forum team is brand new, so maybe you could give us a chance to try to help?

What speeds are you seeing when you run Speedtest?

I get anywhere from 2 mbps to 10 mbps at most. Right now it is at 2.5 and all that is running is my tv streaming a movie in sd.

You should be seeing better speeds than that. I just ran a speedtest from your modem and saw the following:

Can you send results from a test using

Incidentally, you have Video Data Extender enabled and for some subscribers this has caused buffering and poor video quality so you may want to disable it. See Should I enable Video Data Extender?