Forced plan change, confusing/conflicting emails

Question #1: recently received the email that my plan has been discontinued and is being replaced by a new one;

That’s right—a new service plan in your area offers much more data for only $19.99 more per month. As of today, we have transitioned you to a new service plan, Unlimited Silver.

My previous plan was for 60 GB and so is this new one… in fact, they appear identical except the new one is $19.99 more a month. It sounds more like “we upgraded our equipment and need to charge more” (which is fine and understandable, I’d prefer an honest email like that) vs there being anything actually offered additionally in the new plan?

IS there anything truly different about the “Unlimited Silver” vs the older “Unlimited Silver 25”?

Question #2: I received a separate email that caused a fair amount of distress in the household about the new plan requiring a service technician to come out to install new equipment??

Your new plan requires new equipment, a technician will be in contact with you shortly.

Followed by ANOTHER email saying my plan had been automatically upgraded and I didn’t need to do anything? :sweat_smile: Sooo… which one is it?

Does the new plan require a technician to come out or not?

If it does — is there a different plan I can change to that wouldn’t require that happening?

Hi @Sabin that does sound confusing. We will work to get some clarity for you. Hope to respond later today.

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