For those that may not know

Just a FYI for people that may not know this. If you are running Windows 10 and losing data that you can’t find where it’s going, check the setting Delivery Optimization. If this setting is on, Windows will use your internet connection to download apps and updates to other computers on the internet. This is set to on by default.

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Hi @RebelRider ,

Thank you very much for contributing with this information, this is a very valuable information!

To complement, this is valid for Windows 11 machines as well.

We really appreciate your community spirit in contributing useful information such as this!


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Hi Leo, glad to help. Hope it will be useful for someone. I forgot to mention, anyone using Windows 10 ( this may also apply to windows 11) needs to set their connection as metered in the update and security settings. If it is set to metered windows will not auto download updates, but will let you know the update is available, and the user can choose when to download and install it. That way they can download the update when their speed and data is optimal.

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