Followed all the steps

After downloading viasat browser (took an hour lol) setting up account on my viasat, taking the speed test a couple of times I’m wondering how other customers can help me at all. Bless your heart Natalie pass
me on to someone who can help me

Hi @cbevis63,

Thanks for taking the time to run those tests, we understand the process of downloading the Viasat Browser is not very use friendly so we are working to remove that requirement very soon!

I took a look at your results and all of them show bad speeds on your device (Samsung phone) and way better speeds on your modem. Like here below:

This indicates you are experiencing a Wi-Fi issue. Can you please stand right next to your Viasat modem and try running the test again? If we see better results in that scenario, then the Wi-Fi issue is fully confirmed and we can give a concrete recommendation to solve the issue.



I took the test on top of your modem. Check it and the results you posted are bullsht!!! No way im getn 45 download speed. My dish tv wont even stream without buffering. It takes me 10 minits to log in to this forum. Its not the wifi its the speed man.

Hi @cbevis63,

A bad Wi-Fi signal can cause bad speeds on the device that you are using the internet. That’s why it could be useful to run a test either standing next to your modem OR on a laptop using a wired connection to the modem. I’m not trying to go against your word, just pointing out that the speeds on your modem looked way better than on your device. If we confirm that this is a Wi-Fi issue, that would be good news, because it’s very solvable.

Hi, @cbevis63,

Also, if you have an extra router you could try using it, instead of the built-in router. That might help improve the Wi-Fi performance.

Some customers have posted recommended models in this topic: What router do you use with your Viasat service?

Who keeps extra routers laying around? Send me some new equipment if thats what i need. Im not an engineer, just a customer that wants what he pays for

Hi @cbevis63

I saw your other post in: Equipment malfunctioning

As my colleague previously asked, could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the temperature you are seeing on your modem? That way we can escalate to the appropriate teams.

Thank you!