Fix it, or we're leaving

We upgraded our service (pay $30 more per month) to try to overcome slow speeds. It was better for a while, but we just sit and watch the spinning wheels. This clearly is not acceptable. I ran the speed test and it indicated our download speed was over 40 mbps (fine), but upload speed registered as 0 (I finally found a 0.26 mbps assigned to it). We are often resetting the modem. Nothing. Either you fix it at your expense immediately, or I’m leaving. Period. End of story.

Hi @scollie,

Thanks for reporting your issue. I took a look at your account and discovered that your antenna is mispointed, which explains the poor speeds.

We will go ahead and request a technician visit, you should receive a call from our field services team later today to schedule the appointment.




Just an update about this ticket:

A tech visit was made and the technician concluded that a relocation of the antenna was necessary to improve the line of sight but the customer preferred not to relocate it.


Yes, the original location was inappropriate and an incompetent decision on the installer. It’s why the customer has had terrible service, and thus, acquired internet service from another provider, and canceled Viasat service.

The customer.

Hi @scollie,

We are sorry about this experience and that you are leaving Viasat. I’m just curious about the reason you decided not to relocate the antenna?

Your feedback can be very helpful for us to improve our processes and create a better experience for our customers.

Thanks in advance,


We’re in a wooded area and it turns out we never had a good line to the satellite. Never should have been installed, but y’all took our money anyway. We’re leaving and chose not to try further because we do not trust Viasat. Doing business with you is no longer an option. Please drop the conversation. Thank you.