First Day/ Slow Speeds

I just had Viasat installed today and my speeds are horrible. Both the ping latency and download speeds are unacceptable.

Hi, @jeffreywinchester20,

Thanks for your message!

Yesterday there was some inconsistency with your signal, perhaps because it’s a new installation is new.

However, the last speed test you did (while logged in to shows good speeds in the modem:

If you consistently see that difference between the modem and the devices, it might be an issue with the router.

Could you run some more tests, also with different devices? If you have a chance, please also try testing using a wired connection.

You don’t need to send us screenshots, as long as you do the test logged in with your account we can check the results.

About the latency, there is not much we can do. Since the signal comes from a geostationary satellite, a ping of around 500-700 ms is expected.

You can check more information about it in this other post: How does geostationary satellite internet work?