Extremely slow speed

I joined forum and downloaded the viasat beta. I have set up everything as instructed and it takes minutes to get a website open. I have been monitoring my usage and it continues to climb.

Hi @jengeling,

I couldn’t find your account in our system based on the email address that you used to create your forum account.

I sent you a private message to validate your account info.



I only have one email: *******************

Hi @jengeling,

What do you mean by the “Viasat beta”?

I see good speeds from your modem:

Could you please run a full speed diagnosis and share a screenshot of the results with us? Here are some instructions to do so: How to run a speed test from my modem?



Yesterday I checked my usage and it was .3 at 11:30 I watched a Roku movie for 1-1/2 hours and usage was 1.4. I left roku just plugged into tv but did not go to the Roku page and an hour later usage was1.7. I unplugged the Roku and usage was 1.8. total day was 2.5. I saw on myviasat the they were offering a viasat webbrowser to help control usage but I had to join the forum and report problems with the “Beta” version. I set it up and I tried running speedtest first and it continued to tell me that my viasat modem was not found. I continued using Viasat Web Browser and set it all up with my favorites and passwords. This is when the web browsing began slower and slower loading pages. I am back in my Microsoft Edge Browser today and everything is downloading normally.

Attached is screen shot of todays speedtest.

Should I uninstall viasat browser?

Hi, @jengeling,

I see what you mean now. Actually, there are two different products:

  • The Viasat Browser, which has some optimizations that might help you save data in general (like ad-block etc)
  • The data saver experiment: this is an experimental feature; it has nothing to do with the Viasat browser. The goal of that feature is to throttle the video download speeds, thus decreasing the data usage related to streaming apps.

If you found problems related to the Viasat browser, it might be because of the current engine version it’s using. A new version is about to be released for Windows, which should fix those issues.

So, when that new version is out you could give it another try.

As for the data saver experiment, if you want to know more about it, please see this: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

If you are interested in the data saver, you just need to take these 2 steps:

1 - Fill up this form: Viasat Data Saver Feature Experiment
2 - Once you completed step no. 1, let us know so we can activate the feature for you and add you to the private group of the experiment, here in the forum.


Maybe there was something wrong during the upload, but the test result you mentioned in your last comment was not attached to your message.

Could you send it again?