Extremely Slow Download Speeds

Download speeds are now averaging well below 20 mbs, sometimes as slow as 6 - 8 mbs. I get 18 - 20 mbs from my cell phone data. There were days that I got better than 100 mbs download speed. I don’t expect that all the time, but shouldn’t I at least get 25 - 50 mbs on an average? I have rebooted, powered off, etc. the modem and have even by-passed my Nighthawk router, but the test speeds are the same. Can you please help with the speed? I can’t even stream a movie without it buffering quite often.

Hi @fdk46

I see that we have a topic open for this issue with you already – Slow Speeds Most of the Time - #4

I’ll reply over there to avoid duplicates. :slight_smile: