Extreemly slow speeds

I have been informed as I am on Consumer 50 package which should allow average speeds of 25mbps download and up to 6mbps upload speeds. I have carried out three speed checks an what I have is
at 18:35 hrs BST - Download 9.3 Mbps Upload 0.6 Mbps
at 19:05 hrs BST - Download 8.7 Mbps Upload 0.6 Mbps
at 19:13 hrs BST - Download 9.1 Mbps Upload 0.5 Mbps
This being on 05th Oct 2023 which I have contacted support and noted must be incorrect but it is not.

So why are the speeds so down on what they should be?

Hi, @Chris_Hutch,

Thanks for your message! We’ll help you with that.

I’m sending you a private message so you can confirm your account number. I did not find your records based on the provided email.

Message sent by mistake. @Chris_Hutch is a customer of another ISP.

Thank you for your response, by way do you do broadband deals in Scotland where I live?

C F Hutchinson - from my mobile

I don’t think we have residential internet offerings there yet :frowning:

I hoped you may just have had a satellite service covering the UK and Scotland borders. Or does anyone know such a service provider?
As they may be better than my current provider and the abismal speeds they seem to provide at present.

Chris Hutchinson.