Download speed too slow

Hello, I have 100 mpbs download speed, I ran the test and it says my current download speed is 58.63 mpbs. I also can’t have Zoom meetings from home anymore for work. I used to be able to. My data has not ended yet. We’ve only used about half our data. Why is my download so slow?

Hi @jesstevens72,

Sorry about the slow reply.

I just ran a test from your modem and can these speeds at this time:

During the peak busy period (evening hours) speeds can sometimes be slower due to network congestion, which might explain the speeds you are seeing.

Could you please provide some more details on the Zoom issues you have been experiencing? How has the experience using Zoom changed? We can definitely look closer into that.



According to the other parties, I freeze up.

Hi @jesstevens72,

Sorry for the slow reply.

Upon running a speed test from your modem I see a very good result:

I know that this doesn’t reflect your experience according to what you said previously, therefore I’d like to ask for your help.

Please run a few speed tests from your modem so we can understand the speeds you are experiencing. For that, you can follow this tutorial: How to run a speed test from my modem?.

Please make sure to:
1 - Use the Viasat browser
2 - Be logged in to your MyViasat account.

Please let me know once you have run a few tests.
Apart from that, at what periods of the day do you experience bad speeds?

Thank you,