Do Wifi Externders Help

I recently got Viasat. The internet speed is OK for internet browsing and email, particularly if I am working close to the router. However, streaming on the TV is terrible: every 5 or ten minutes, it cuts out for “loading”. The TV is located one room away from the router - is there any benefit to getting a wifi extender or mesh networking kit? The house itself is small: one floor, one bedroom, study, living room, and kitchen.

Hi @Markwhitelewis ,

Thank you for your contact. Could you share with us an advanced speed check? The advanced one shows both speeds from your modem and your device, you can find instructions to run it here: How to run a speed test from my modem?

Also, please run a test as well and share your results. This test is a different one because it runs a video speed check, that way we can compare both results and make an analysis.

Regarding the wifi extender or mesh networking kit, we’ll investigate the situation first and we can inform you about that later when we have our conclusion.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I ran both the speed check and the test (using the the Viasat browser for both). What do these tell me?

Hi @Markwhitelewis ,

Thanks for those results! That situation is a very puzzling one, and it might take us a bit longer to investigate it, for which I apologize in advance. We’ll investigate it deeper and get back to you once we have any updates.


Hi, @Markwhitelewis,

Could you run again the tests? Also the, please.

I saw that your service area had some days with bad signal due to the weather, but now things seem to be better.

This is what I got in the tests during this afternoon:

Thank - OK, will run the tests again and send you the results.


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