Disney+ not working

Lately Disney+ has not been working. I’ve been able to pick something to watch but when it’s loading, I get the error Something went wrong. Please try again later. It happens on any tablet or tv connected to the Wi-Fi. Anything connected via data is loading just fine. Even using a hotspot works.

Hi @greg2vn ,

we’ll escalate your case and verify what might be going on. If we need any new information or if we have any updates we’ll follow up with you soon, hopefully tomorrow.


Hi @greg2vn,

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error you are seeing on Disney+? Also, can you stream without issues on other platforms such as Netflix, Max, Amazon Prime, YouTube?

Finally, I noticed that your modem seems to be reconnecting to the internet often, have you noticed any offline events? If yes, we might need to replace some equipment.



Disney+ has started working again after not trying to watch for a few days. We have no problem with other streaming platforms. We also constantly lose connection and have to reboot the system, even if there is no bad weather.

Hi @greg2vn

Thanks for the information. We escalated the problem you experienced with the Viasat Stream Hub team, and we’re waiting to know whether your Hub is working as intended, with no software or hardware issues.

However, upon further investigation, we’ve identified two possible causes for your issues:

1. You’re currently over the high-speed data allowance limit (40GB), by about 280%.

This can cause your speeds to be deprioritized while under the standard unlimited data.
Your usage resets in a few days, so you will automatically go back to high-speed data without any further action required.

If you stream a lot (besides Disney+), you should check out our free Data Saver, which cuts down on a lot of usage: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!

2. Your setup is suffering from a severe equipment issue – this could be caused by a line-of-sight blocked antenna or a bad coaxial cable. The most likely culprit in your case is the TRIA, which is giving many errors.

In this case, the issue can only be solved by a service call.
This can be requested either by us, or you can ask the Customer Care agents (855-463-9333).

Please let us know what you’d prefer. :slight_smile:


We’ve never had a problem with Disney+ whenever we’ve gone over the high speed data limit. It’s only just started in the past couple of months.
I’ll reach out to customer care within the next few days.
Thank you.

Hi @greg2vn

I confirmed today with the Stream Hub team that your Hub is working as intended, no problems with its software or hardware.

The main cause seems to be that equipment issue, which can cause bad signal quality and bad connectivity (among other things).

Let us know if you need any help requesting the service call!

Hi @greg2vn

Good news!

It looks like your cabling issue has been remedied – I can’t find any signs of faulty equipment after June 7th.

Your signal quality seems to have gotten better, too. I still see a lot of drops in your modem, however, but nothing that would need a service call.

Did you happen to do a full reboot or unplug/plug the cables last Friday? Or have you had any weather events around last week that have since then stopped?