Disney+ http response error


I’m not entirely sure what’s causing it. A few of us on Roku support network are all having the same issue with Disney Plus and we all have ViaSat.

When trying to run Disney it will let you sign in and pick the show you want and then when trying to play it it will pop.

“There was an error in the HTTP response. This could mean that malformed HTTP headers or an HTTP error code was returned.”

Right now in that forum they’re playing the blame game between Disney and Roku.

But a majority of us have reported all having the same service provider. A few of us have also reported we have the streaming box. Which I do as well.

If you have any insight on how to fix this besides uninstall the app reset the Roku, reinstall the app etc. And put tickets with Disney. It would be much appreciated as the other forum has no clue what is going on.

And again I’m not saying it is viasat but coincidences are sometimes or more.

Many thanks

Hi, @Jute,

Thanks for your message!

I’m checking that now, when I find out more about that issue I’ll let you know.

Hi, @Jute,

Everything seems to be fine with your internet. These are the speeds I see on your modem now:

Please try accessing Disney+ on a web browser (like Chrome or Firefox) or the smartphone app. If you can watch the videos normally in the browser or the mobile app, it means the error is due to Roku or Disney+.

If you can watch other channels normally on Roku, then probably there is something wrong with Disney+.

Please also try to update the Disney+ app on Roku

If you have any other requests just let us know.



It works on other apps. it’s only the Roku and it’s not a speed issue.

It’s only Disney Plus and it’s up to date due to the fact that roku’s only real fix right now is to uninstall and reinstall the app while resetting the Roku. This does not work.

I didn’t think it was you all, just it was a coincidence so wanted to bring it to your attention. Something updated either the Roku or Disney app and that likely caused this mess.


Hi @Jute,

Sorry again about this experience.

I escalated this issue to our Viasat Stream team, they are working with Disney to come up with a solution (or at least a workaround).

I hope to have an update by tomorrow.



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Hi @Jute,

Actually, I just heard back. Looks like they just pushed a fix, can you please try again when you get a chance?

Please let us know how it goes.



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Hi Nacho!

Whatever you all did fixed it!

I would ask if it was Roku, Disney or ViaSat but honestly it doesn’t matter. I’m debating if I should go to the other chaotic insane forums and let them know it perhaps has been fixed. Probably not though. Don’t want to enter that dark pool of chaos.

If only every support forum had such dedicated and awesome engineers/staff and response time.

As always, thanks for everything.



Thanks @Jute for helping us find this bug! Hopefully it doesn’t come back in any form.

If you could tell those other folks to try again, maybe that helps them. And feel free to refer other Viasat customers to our Forum :slight_smile:



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