Disappearing data

Another month of data that just goes poof when your asleep. Woke this morning to 13 gigs of data gone while we were asleep. Normal amount when we sleep that disappears is around 4 to 5 gigs. How does data disappear when one is not online, or better yet, when one has no modem on? I asked last month about that one and never got an answer. I do not “stream”, I do not watch TV or Movies on computer, yet. I do have office hour plan and I notice that one still uses the data. I added that stupid program you asked me last month to add to my computer(glass wire), and funny thing is, it showed LOTS LOTS LOTS less data being used then what you claim is used.

Hi @HLipscomb,

Sorry about the slow reply to the other case we were working - Excess Data use yet again - #13 by HLipscomb

I can go ahead an run a report now to check what kind of traffic was used last night while everyone was asleep.



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