Data usage is INSANE

Once again I am writing here in regards to excessive data being drained on my account. This has been a pervasive issue, that Viasat refuses to address. I just came back from vacation, and 70% of my data is gone already! This place is such a scam! Terrible customer service…all around just an awful company. There is zero reason a single woman should be paying $300!- month for internet and still having data run out 15 days into the month.

Hi @aehunley,

I’m really sorry to hear about the bad experience you’ve had with the Viasat service.

From what you said it looks like your issue is related to the data usage and not
connectivity issues. We can take a look at your usage to troubleshoot your issue
and try to find a possible reason and solution but to do that I would need your

Do I have your permission to take a look at your data usage?


I gave my consent on the other thread as well so yes!

Hi @aehunley,

Upon looking at your account and running a usage report we could find
the reasons for your data usage.

The second most relevant usage is related to Network Storage, this could be some backup from iCloud, Google Drive, or other similar tools. We know that this usage could be unintentional, and because of that, we added more 30 GB to your data limit, completely free of charge.

The most relevant usage comes from video streaming, mostly Netflix, we could detect very high usage from July 16th to 18th and on July 27th. The usage got up to 8.7 GB in an hour, which could mean that you’re watching the service with very high video quality.

Regarding that we are running a new experiment that could be of your interest, it’s a Data Saver feature that could help you in your situation. If you’re interested in that you can take a look at this link: Announcing the Data Saver Feature Experiment!