Data usage has gone loco

My data usage has spiked incredibly in the past week, though our habits have not changed. Average daily usage is double and more what it has been. I am on a 300 GB plan and two days in, actually the second day is not over, and averaging about 20 GB per day. The end of last month there was a day over 40 GB which made no sense. At this rate my data will be used in two weeks and when the data is used and slowed down, I cannot even surf the internet. Could someone look into this? $300/month is a lot of money to spend and not get usable service for half of it, when it was doing fine with the same usage habits. You have my permission to look into my account

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Hi @Al_Fuller ,

Sorry for that experience. If you give us your consent, we can take a look at your detailed data usage to investigate if there are any abnormalities.


You have my consent to look into my account

Hi @Al_Fuller,

Sorry for the slow reply.

I took a look at your usage in the past few weeks and noticed that on May 22 more than 40 GB of DL traffic was used from an iPhone, according to our tools this was “Podcast Services”, does that ring a bell?

I also noticed that on May 24 and 25 Netflix was using over 3GB per hour, sometimes up to 5 GB. It looks like the devices streaming Netflix were an iPhone and an LG TV. If you were simultaneously streaming on those devices, then that could also explain the high hourly data consumption. As a general recommendation, setting the video quality to a standard definition (instead of HD) could help. If you need some instructions to change the settings please let us know.

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Hey while you are at it I also need attention to my service. We are having the same problems with all our high speed being used up to fast! I changed my plan to the . $148 a month plan and it was working fine now last few weeks our the GB are just being used up to fast!! We haven’t changed a thing. I know you are making it harder on us taking away the low video seep witch is total bull…… the service hasn’t got any faster and you took away the free time from 2am till 8 am. But now you are just draining our GB of high speed, I think there should be a law against this please look into it

Hi @davidturek352 ,

I’ve created this new post Data Usage Troubleshooting - #4 by Leo in order to keep track of your issue separately, you can resume answering there.


@Al_Fuller on April 1, Viasat disabled the Video Data Extender globally because so many buffering problems had been associated with it. We are now testing a Data Saver Feature Experiment with a group of subscribers who have opted in as a means to develop a better version of the Video Data Extender. Do you think the loss of VDE might be the underlying cause of your increased data usage? If so, are you interested in learning more about the Data Saver Feature Experiment?