Data Usage Extreme

I checked my Viasat data usage first thing after I woke this morning and the app stated that I had already used 2.78 GB. My phone internet was off and my computer is off. What can cause that much usage if every device is off? No one else lives in my house.

Hi @user9 , is it ok if we take a look into your usage data? That should let us identify the device/app that is consuming your data at night.

Yes please check where the data is being used…

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Hi @user9 it looks like there was some apple device doing a bulk download from the itunes-store between midnight at 5am (in your local timezone). Does any device come to mind?

No. I have an Ipad, iPhone and MacBook air, but they were all off. I haven’t downloaded anything from the Itunes store in a long time.

Do you have neighbors nearby? Could anyone be connected to your Wi-Fi?

I think that our “itunes-store” categorization could refer to some different kind of apple app/product update, so maybe not exactly itunes.

If you feel confident that your devices were all off, I would recommend changing your network name(s) and password(s) just to make sure that there are no unknown devices in your Wi-Fi. Here are some instructions - How do I change Wi-Fi settings on the Viasat Gateway modem?

If that doesn’t help we can continue to dig into it.

I’m certain that my neighbors (which are far away) couldn’t and wouldn’t steel my wifi. Is there any way to see how much data a particular item is using during a particular timeframe?

Hi @user9,

Have you tried using the Viasat Shield app? It has a section that lets you keep track of all the devices connected to your Viasat modem and how much they data they use.

If Viasat Shield doesn’t help, I can definitely try to run some more reports for you.



I looked at the Viasat shield app and it really doesn’t tell much what’s going on with various wifi device history or even what they are. Not much help if there is no history and what the device is actually called. That issue has not really happed again since that day so I’m not sure what to do now; maybe wait and see???

How about you post again on this thread if you notice any similar incident in the future? We will be happy to help.



Can you share a screenshot that doesn’t contain anything you don’t want to share? I want to make sure you are seeing the expected device usage functionality in Shield.

Sure thing…thank you very much!


Hi @user9,

I am going to reach out to the Shield team to see if they can give me a little bit more information about your device usage and I will reach out to you again once I have an update!

Thank you,

Hi @user9,

Quick update for you: I spoke with the Shield team - they explained to us that they are trying to improve the app experience by introducing a tool tip to help customers identify unknown devices and they are currently testing this update.


Thank you for the update. Ps. the extra usage issue happened again on Sat March 18th for 6.90 GB

Hi @user9, ok thanks for reporting that. Let me take a look, I’ll check if we can get any better indicators to identify the device/traffic this time. You’ll hear back from me later today.

I’m constantly checking my data usage and what really pisses me off is the data increases even when there are no devices on, and even when the power was out all day! I believe viasat purposely adds data to my account so I’m forced to buy more data! Throttling my data is also their favorite way to screw their customers. I’m a disabled person, lives in a very rural area, so there are no other humans around me. There is no excuse to add data just to make more money for them. I am now looking at Starlink and hopefully they are in my area. I’ve been with viasat for over 13 years so that comes to over $ 15,000 paid to them -

Hi @spacecadet33,

Sorry about this experience. I just created this new Forum topic where we can keep better track of your issue: Data usage even when there are no devices on